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Topic: Latest Louis Vuitton Discussions

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Latest Louis Vuitton Discussions


When Louis Vuitton first introduced the Petite Boite Chapeau it was an instant hit. Though a bit impractical, the bag sold out and was spotted on the arms of fashion's elite. Quick to capitalize on this popular shape, Louis Vuitton eventually released a more practical (and much more affordable) version called the purse. As its name suggests (“souple” is French for “flexible”), this version is softer, but it's also larger and works well as a day bag. It also has an interior slit pocket, which its smaller, less practical, big sis lacked. Now, for Pre-Fall 2019, the brand has released a shiny new version which can stylishly transition from day to night. Introducing: the Louis Vuitton purse in Monogram Vernis. This glossy new version of the purse is crafted from Louis Vuitton's iconic embossed patent leather, called Monogram Vernis, and like the original it's lined in a microfiber lining versus lambskin. Currently it's only available in Noir or the eye-catching Rouge Vernis. This glamorous update is large enough to work as a day bag but it's also sophisticated enough to be carried out at night. The adjustable strap can be worn cross body or shortened to be worn over the shoulder. While the original version in Monogram Canvas retails for $2,340 this version can be purchased for $2,740 via Louis Vuitton. When we selected October 10th as National Handbag Day 7 years ago, we weren't aware that today is also World Mental Health Day. Last year, I read some comments on social media of people thinking we were trying to take away from a far more worthy cause, and that couldn't be further from the truth. There is a place for both of these to be celebrated, and in some ways I find they intersect, hear me out. World Mental Health Day is an incredibly important day, and hopefully with more people hearing about it and bringing it to the forefront, we will continue to de-stigmatize the discussion of the importance of mental health and mental health treatment. This year's W.M.H. Day is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Association for Suicide Prevention, and United for Global Mental Health. Every 40 seconds, someone loses their life to suicide. When it comes to mental health struggles, the best option is to talk to a trusted health care professional to decide the best course of action. But it is also important that when you are on your right path and plan, whatever that may entail, that you take time for yourself to spend time doing things that make you happy and fulfill you. I'm not claiming that spending time researching, obsessing, and purchasing designer louis vuitton purse is going to fix anything, but it's important to celebrate the small, fun things in life while we deal with the larger, more complicated aspects of our lives as well. Finding a safe place online, with like-minded individuals, can only help to make you feel included and welcomed. It's why we are always striving for commenters on to be nice to one another even if they disagree, and it's why we've had the strictly-followed policy of being kind to others for nearly 15 years on our louis vuitton outlet stores. The rest of our lives can be so hard, let's turn this into a safe escape. To many, a designer handbag can be seen as a superfluous, expensive item. But my handbag is so much more to me. I've touched on this multiple times, but my bag is an extension of me; a vessel for some of the most important things in my life, and ultimately it's my security blanket.louis vuitton From a young age, I've had anxiety. Not a little worry here or there, but debilitating, crippling anxiety. The kind of anxiety that left me physically ill on the way to school for weeks at the start of a school year. I remember vividly crying on my way to school to the point of throwing up, and my mom encouraging me with the most empathetic, loving, and sad eyes. I started therapy young to help cope with my separation anxiety which started after we lost our house in Hurricane Andrew. Therapy has always been a big part of my life, at different times needing to go multiple times a week and other times as a check in. Bouts of intense anxiety have ruled my life at different points and one of the worst times for me was after we moved to NYC. My anxiety reached peak levels to the point where leaving the apartment sent me into a full blown panic attack. I needed help, and even with years of therapy and a very open-minded, supportive, and loving family, I felt shame admitting how bad it was. At that point, medication and therapy is what helped me and I will forever be grateful for it. I gained my life back, I started to enjoy the craze of NYC life. louis vuitton outlet

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