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Topic: Permanent Facial Hair Removal for women

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Permanent Facial Hair Removal for women


Hair growth is a regular and constantly ongoing process. The hair follicles are always at work and the hair growth keeps happening mostly without any extra effort. However, for some, the hair growth may be extra trouble as the hair grow rapidly and makes it difficult to sustain even a day without using any hair removal method. The Hair removal methods could be using Hair removal cream, shaving, waxing, or permanent hair retarders. While most of us are familiar with the rest of the ways of hair removal – Permanent Hair Removal is rather interesting.

The Permanent Hair Removal does not indicate any medical or surgical treatment of the hair such as Laser etc. Ecovani Hair Retarder is a cream-based formula that needs to be applied on the clean skin so that the cream absorbs deep into the hair follicles and deactivates them from producing any future hairs. Once the hair follicles are deactivated, the hair will stop growing and there will be a permanent relief from the hair growth.

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