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Topic: Qisha Stele

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Qisha Stele


I'm really sorry. It was originally said that I would be updated every day from May 1, but my friend asked me to go out to work. My salary was three times that of writing a novel, 80 yuan, so I didn't update it on May 1. About the update, I always don't keep my word. I don't have the character to update. I'm really sorry. But seeing the backstage contribution fee, seeing so many people watching pirated copies without spending money and saying that the Seven Evil Steles are rubbish, I really feel bad. Chapter 2 should be updated normally on May 2. By the way, maybe I will play a bit role in the crew in a few days, and maybe I will break up, but I will try my best to keep 2 changes every day. As for today, I have seen a lot of bad reviews on some pirated websites, and I am not in the mood to write. That's it. Had to scold again, look at pirated dog things! Also, update on May 2. My VX: 879430926, and you can also add the QQ readership: 481737955, QQ group of iron fans 767172517, and small partners to discuss the plot! 563 times are shocking Fu Tianjun put away Yao Tianqin and stood up. A trace of blood escaped from the corners of his mouth. He looked at Hua Nishang courteously and said, "Although it is difficult for the head of the Miaoyin Sect to see the road, the successor has the talent of enlightenment.". Little friend, you can mix the voice of your teacher's failure with the sad sound of the flute in "Broken Time". The song is the voice of your heart,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, which has great potential. Therefore, I would like to offer you a piece of advice. If we do not change our ways immediately and lead to positive happiness, it can only be a waste of natural resources. Ziwei said to herself, "Fu Tianjun was attacked by Chu Birou's repeated sound waves and suppressed for a long time. At this time, the blood was exposed, which shows that the foundation is deep." Hua Nishang picked up Chu Birou, and her cold voice was like a misty cloud: "Thank you for showing mercy to the ghost emperor.". Although Miaoyin Zong was defeated this time, everyone has his own opinion on the way of rhythm. Although the ghost emperor is a great master,Time Delay Faucet, he regards himself as orthodox and attacks heresy. Miaoyin Zong will never agree with him. Fu Tianjun thought to himself, "It's not what happened. I don't think much of good advice.". At that time, I was the same, determined to deviate from the front, unrepentant, almost missed this wonderful scenery. But had it not been for the epiphany on the wrong path, had it not been for the center after the narrowness, I would never have understood the "Narcissus Exercise" that set things right. I hope she can also have an epiphany and create a truly shocking rhythm. He gave his eyes to the head of the Beast Castle, and with sincere feelings, he gave a long roar: "a song in my heart, I can get one and a half bosom friends. How lucky Fu Tianjun is!" Fu Tianjun refers to a bosom friend, naturally Ye Zhi. But half a bosom friend refers to Hu Qing. When he played the harp, his whole heart was immersed in it, and the sound of the harp was his mind, Manual Flush Valve ,push button toilet flush valve, and the reactions of all people were imprinted into his heart. Hu Qing's extraordinary appreciation of "Narcissus Exercise" has made Fu Tianjun very grateful. As soon as Hu Qingying worshipped, she said, "There is immortal music in heaven. How many times have you heard it in the world?"? It is an honor for Hu Qing and others to have the chance to listen to the song of heaven and man. The greatest pleasure in life is to have one or two bosom friends. Fu Tianjun was so satisfied that his green shirt became more and more proud. He raised his eyebrows and said coldly to Lord Lingyun, "Ziwei, I've heard about you for decades. It's just that the emperor is lazy in Jianghu and has never been able to learn from you.". Today, please do not hesitate to give me some advice. Ziwei's body did not move, and his expression did not move either. "The ghost emperor has just finished a song. You might as well take a short rest. Only in this way can you fight soundly." "At the meeting of ten thousand immortals, before the heroes of the world, Lord Lingyun and the leaders besieged Zhao Yun and Lady Begonia, which made the emperor feel ashamed." Fu Tianjun showed his arrogance, and his voice was full of teasing: "I don't want Lingyun Guanzhu to be able to take care of the emperor's injuries today. Such magnanimity really makes the emperor sit up and take notice.". But you're worrying too much. Do what you can. Ziwei has excellent self-restraint, and her words are still light: "When people are in the Fairy Forest, they often can't help themselves.". It is precisely because the last ten sects deviated from morality and lost the hearts of the people that Ziwei should correct this time and never let the ghost emperor look down on them again. Luo Laisheng and Qiu Mingshan exchange ideas, just look at each other, then jump down the beast castle at the same time. "Brother Ziweidao," said Luo Laisheng, "although the kindness between you and me has disappeared, the feelings of the past cannot be easily erased. "Old Qiu and I dared to ask Brother Dao for some advice." "That's just right," said Ziwei. "You don't have to waste time, and you can give the ghost emperor a break. Please Fu Tianjun glanced at Luo Laisheng and secretly said, "Luo Laisheng and Qiu Mingshan were wounded by the main sword of Banxia Tower, but they didn't recover. How dare they take the initiative to challenge Ziwei?". It's time to be poor. In the past, it was said that Luo Laogui was good at calculating, but he didn't want to have such courage. Luo Laisheng and Qiu Mingshan launched the art of double shadows, nine defenses and one attack, and dealt with Ziwei. Hu Lan Chuan Yin Hu Qing said, "These two old men are very slippery. The kungfu they perform is very much like the secret art of escape of our Tianhu clan. They are cunning and changeable. They haven't really played with Ziwei in dozens of moves." Hu Qing said, "It's not surprising that the Hall of Fierce Beasts has studied the way of ruling beasts, which is similar to the secret method of our clan.". It's just that both of them are injured, and it's not enough to fight against Ziwei with all their strength. Look at the appearance of Ziwei in her spare time, clearly just waiting for Fu Tianjun to heal the wound. "Humph." Hu Lan pursed her lips and said, "That Ye Zhi is so perky.". She was obviously fragile, but her brother was a top master, and the eldest brother who claimed him was a top master. Although she came late, she overshadowed us all. Sister, we will also go to fight with Ziwei Laodao later, so as not to let people say that our sisters stand by. Hu Qing laughed and said, "Lang Jun is not here at the moment. We must all work together to tide over the difficulties.". Xiaolan, don't lose your temper. Don't forget that our task is to hold off Xu Lianghu. Hearing the word "Lang Jun" in Hu Qing's mouth, Hu Lan's small mouth suddenly collapsed. She had no intention to think about any more tasks. Her deep sadness could no longer be suppressed. She said faintly, "Sister, do you think brother Yun is really still alive? If he's gone, I'm going to die right now. Hu Qing reached out to wipe away the tears from her sister's eyes and comforted her by saying, "Don't worry. Even if Lang Jun is really going to die, he will come to say goodbye to you first.". He likes you so much that he won't leave without saying a word. It's just that when he comes back, if he sees his Laner without a smile,Stainless Steel Squatting Pan, he must be particularly distressed. Xiaolan, don't cry, we don't cry. 。

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