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Topic: Urban Love "Warm Wind Is Not as Deep as Your Love + Extra Stories" txt Complete Works

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Urban Love "Warm Wind Is Not as Deep as Your Love + Extra Stories" txt Complete Works


"I mean, Miss Ji may be afraid of what threat I bring to her, so she will keep emphasizing her body." "Is it?"? But why did I hear you just list a few in front of my wife? Mo Jingshen's black eyes coldly swept Su Xueyi's face: "For example, take out your most customary means to dominate people with power and oppress people with wealth?"? How soft do you think her temper is that she can let you bully her? Didn't you see the end of Su Xueyi? It doesn't matter if you break such a cousin, but you want to take yourself in? Ji Nuan really did not feel that he was deceived to the head, after all, if really counted up, she and Su Zhilan is evenly matched. But suddenly directly heard these words from Mo Jingshen's mouth, she was so moved that she almost burst into tears. Su Zhilan stared at the man's cold eyes: "You won't touch me." The door of the ward suddenly opened, and Nan Heng, who had been listening outside for a long time, was standing there with a cold eyebrow. Sorry, I found that no one was in the upper ward,tube lip gloss, so I came here to have a look, and I heard such a big play. Nan Heng glanced around with a half-smile, and finally his eyes fell on Su Zhilan. He made a light statement: "I advise Miss Su to be less close to Ji Nuan. Mo Jingshen is very precious to his daughter-in-law. Not to mention your threats, it is enough for him to be very unhappy with you if you send a few photos and then appear in front of Ji Nuan." Su Zhilan's eyebrows jumped, apparently not expecting that they all knew about the photo. In addition Nan Heng raised his hand and tidied up his cuffs at will. There was a cold sneer on his lips. He said slowly and carelessly: "At the beginning,custom cosmetic packing, we didn't move you because the Su family still has a certain position in the US arms industry. We check and balance each other. We are grasshoppers on the same line. If the Su family doesn't move rashly, we won't move either. But now, in order to protect ourselves, Su Lao has already entrusted everything in his hands." He himself is willing to become an abandoned son and preserve the Su family's land in the business world. He has got what he wants, but he has lost the condition of mutual checks and balances with us. Hear here, Su Zhilan's face has always been depressed calm all of a sudden like a crack, looking up at the always cold look of ink depth. Nan Heng walked into the door with his cuff on his arm and hooked his lips. "So don't be too blindly confident. If you dare to do something to Ji Nuan, do you think he will touch you?" Volume 3 Chapter 332: What a wife of General Manager Mo! Su Zhilan's fingers hanging at her side shook silently, and she stared at the man whose eyes were always cold: "My grandfather at the beginning." Are you involved in being forced to hand over those management rights? K couldn't bear to listen any more. Although he had been in contact with Miss Su before, he couldn't help standing behind Mo Jingshen when he saw her facing Mr. Mo with such a pressing attitude: "Miss Su, custom cosmetic packaging ,plastic laminted tube, Mr. Mo has been very benevolent to your Su family. If it weren't for Mr. Mo, for the sake of Su Lao and Shine Group, there have been many reciprocal ties." Now the situation facing the Su family is not as simple as handing over the management of this aspect, but Miss Su, you have been so entangled that it is not the case, from the time Mr. Mo left the United States, you should understand. "I don't understand!" Su Zhilan bit his lower lip and stared at Mo Jingshen's face, which was always quiet and could not see his emotions: "So I was used by you?"? Did you use me to break the last barrier between you and the Su family, and hold the one who is equal to you in your hands? Now the Su family can only be at the height of its power in the white road, but it is blocked by you on another road? Mo Jingshen's thin lips uttered words without waves: "It's out of the question to make use of it. Isn't the premise of the beginning of everything Miss Su's intentional deception?" Me? When have I ever lied to you? Su Zhilan's face tightened a lot in an instant. "I was in a coma for many days, and when I woke up, you stood in the ward and told a lie with my father. Don't you remember?" Su Zhilan was stupefied: "You mean." I mean the one where I saved you from the Los Angeles River? Originally did not participate in these things, has been listening to some confused season warm because of this sentence and suddenly looked at Su Zhilan. Mo Jingshen withdrew his sight from Su Zhilan's face with indifference: "In order to cooperate with my father's selfishness to keep me in the United States completely, your Su family fabricated lies with him to promote the relationship between you and me through the so-called kindness and family friendship." As soon as Mo Jingshen's lips were lifted, they were full of mockery: "Since you have the courage to fabricate lies in front of me, you should be able to bear my way of repaying me. The Su family is sophisticated. I just cooperate effortlessly. It happens that the Su family has something I want. I have been playing with you patiently for two years.". To get to the bottom of it, Miss Su was being used by her own grandfather, and even if it was her turn, it was not her turn to pour the dirty water on me. Su Zhilan could not help, the strength of the hand trembling is much greater, want to say what, the words to the mouth but can not say, just red eyes looking at the man in front of him. What makes you think I must have lied? At that time, you were covered with blood, and you almost had one breath left. I really drove there to take you to the hospital! Depth of field, I can understand that you are prejudiced against the Su family, but you can't deny me to you. "Are you sure you want to continue to make up this story with no nutrition?" Mo Jing's cool voice sounded in front of her, and the man's tone was very low and cold because of his poor physical condition. Ji Nuan sat in the hospital bed, silently wanting to use foul language. Although the matter of saving people may not be particularly important, besides, she really did not put it in her heart all the time,pump tube, and what he and Mo Jingshen had experienced for so long was not something that could be completely summarized by such a trivial matter. But Miss Su is really confident enough to lie so brazenly. She didn't expect the Lord to sit here and watch, did she? Mo Jing's attitude is too firm and too indifferent, Su Zhilan to the mouth of all the explanations as if the moment has really become so tasteless up.

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