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Topic: Upgrade Expert _ 20200215155742.

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Upgrade Expert _ 20200215155742.


"Well, what is this?" After collecting the two things, Hua Yun was about to go on when a black stone rolled out of the left hand of the skeleton because of Rick's turning. Seeing the black stone falling to the ground, Hagen, who had been walking carefully at the back, immediately shouted: "Obsidian, this is obsidian." Hua Yun crouched down, took the black stone in his hand, felt it carefully, and immediately a fine awn appeared in his eyes. This black stone, as Hagen said, is obsidian, and it is exactly the same as the obsidian he got from Hagen, which is filled with the attribute energy that can only be produced by practicing the art against heaven. Is it really here? Hua Yun tightened the obsidian in his right hand, his eyes showing a trace of firmness, and continued to step forward. Rick is still in front of the road, Anya and Luna two people, closely following the side of Hua Yun, and Hagen is walking in the back. My Lord, this is. Before Huayun and others could walk far, Rick in front of them once again gave out an exclamation of surprise, and then quickly ran forward. In the passage, several bodies appeared in front of Huayun and others. Things scattered in disorder,aluminium laminated tube, four dense bones looking at the direction of Huayun and others, all kinds of weapons fell beside the bones, it was two giant swords, a long bow, and a staff. However, compared with the previous corpse, the weapons and staffs of the four men were a little worse. On the great sword, it was rusty, and the place where the magic crystal was inlaid on the head of the staff was empty,cosmetic tube, presumably because the loss of magic turned into powder and dissipated in the air, and the clothes on the four bones became ragged under the merciless corrosion of the years. My Lord, look. Rick, who was squatting there and looking at it carefully, turned over the broken magic robe on the magician's body slightly. With a tinkle, a delicate badge fell from the magic robe and made a clear sound. It was a round badge of gold. The whole circle of the badge was covered with dense scale-like patterns. In the middle of the badge, three leaves of mugwort were engraved. Although everything else on the four corpses was in tatters, the badge was as bright as new. This is issued by the mainland magic guild. On behalf of the magician's identity and rank, the gold badge indicates that the magician's rank has reached a high level, at least the seventh level, and these three mugwort leaves, then the magician should be the eighth level of the magic teacher. At this point, Rick paused and looked up at Hua Yun. With an inexplicable look in his eyes, he continued to say slowly: "This badge does not indicate the affiliation of this magician, that is to say, this magician is not a modern magician, plastic laminated tube ,metal cosmetic tubes, and there is a circle of scaly patterns on the edge of this badge, which represents the Dragon Empire that was destroyed two thousand years ago on the mainland.". The sorcerer. Magicians at least two thousand years ago, and these four. If as expected, the strength should all be in the eighth rank. "Lord Hua Yun, the bones of these four skeletons are not broken at all, and the previous skeleton is not damaged at all. It seems that these people did not have any fierce fighting in their lifetime, but all died suddenly. At least on their bones, I can't find any scars." After hearing Rick's words, the atmosphere in the whole passage suddenly became dignified. A strong man of the holy rank, four senior people of the eighth rank, all died here without knowing why. There was no scar on his bones. At this moment, in Huayun's heart, he finally understood why the ruins of death were called one of the six forbidden places in the mainland. For a moment, Huayun's heart can not help but germinate a trace of retreat, but after thinking of the obsidian, Huayun's heart is full of firmness, no matter what, he must find out why there is the ring of heaven and earth and obsidian left by the holy spirit here. Let's go! Hua Yun did not hesitate and continued to move forward. Big My Lord, I.. We Do you want to keep going? I want I'd better wait at the exit. "Looking at the bottomless passage and the four skeletons on the ground, Hagen looked at Hua Yun with some fear on his face. On his original map, there was no step there. There was no record of what was behind him. Originally, Hagen just wanted to follow Hua Yun to have a look, but after seeing these corpses, his heart suddenly retreated.". Looking at Hagen behind him, Hua Yun said lightly, "If you're afraid, you can go back and wait for us at the exit." Then he turned and walked forward without looking back, and Anya and Luna immediately followed closely. Hagen stood there hesitating for a moment, and finally did not keep up with Hua Yun and them. Breathing heavily, he turned around and ran recklessly in the direction of the exit, quickly disappearing into the passage. The passage here is not always straight, after walking for a while, the passage turned a corner and continued to spread, in the next passage, Huayun several people saw a lot of corpses, these people have a characteristic, that is, the age is very long, and according to Huayun their judgment of these people in all aspects, the weakest of these people is also the seventh order of Even the strong of the holy order, there are many. And Hua Yun also found a few obsidian stones on these people, which were imbued with the attribute of True Qi against Heaven. Along the way, Huayun and others did not relax the slightest vigilance, firmly observed around, and finally after a long distance, a hall after a turn, in vain appeared in front of Huayun and others. Jie Jie, Jie Jie, how many years, how many years, finally there are human beings here. Before Huayun and others had looked at the hall, a cold laugh suddenly came over the hall,plastic packing tube, and for some reason, after hearing the laugh, Huayun and others all involuntarily had goose bumps. Chapter 208 undead Lich Barbara.

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