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Topic: My contract ghost husband.

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My contract ghost husband.


"I know you don't want to see me, and I know I'm not entitled to you anymore." My tears fell in front of the tomb, crane Qianxiu's figure flashed, with tears in his eyes, squatted down, "Ah Li!"! Don't go on! But I ignored him, brought up a touch of the most beautiful smile to my Mo yuan, continued: "Mo yuan, from now on, I will not miss you.". Goodbye Then I got up and left decisively. When I turned around and wiped away my tears, there was a flash of white light beside me. He Qianxiu stopped me and became angry with me for the first time, saying, "Zhong Li, are you going to forget Mo yuan?" I stopped, I was sad enough, and he came to make trouble! "It's none of your business!" He Qianxiu frowned and said, I.. I just don't think you should forget him! "I'm going to get married. Do I have to keep thinking about him?" {.} His expression stiffened and he said unbelievably, "You and Gu Qingchen are already together.." He couldn't go on, but I snorted coldly, "I don't want to hide it from you anymore!"! I have always been willing to keep you around, because you have the soul of life, you are so clinging to me, but also because the soul of life in the heart! You can take some time and hand it over! Or give me the human sacrifice again! I was so confused that I seemed to have knocked over a bottle of five flavors. After roaring, I looked at Long Bai and said, "I don't want a friend like you either!"! It's none of my business what kind of medicine you're looking for. Take your things later and go back to your sea! Don't come to me again. Long Bai was also stunned by my roar. I finished, turned around and strode away. In late autumn, the sun set early, the sky was dark, and the cool breeze was blowing gently. I was blown by a trembling rope. Suddenly,metal stamping parts, my shoulder was warm. It was the hand of Tsuru Chixiu that grabbed me. I turned around and was about to shout at him, but he frowned and said: "I don't know I have a soul on my body, but what I said to you before is true. I shouldn't have been angry with you just now.". I was wrong. I won't say anything, as long as you don't drive me away. ,. Soul of Life: Human Chapter 117 Get on the bus first and then buy a ticket In the cemetery, deliberately planted evergreen trees, surrounded by green trees, late autumn is not lonely. Mobile reading please log in m. But I felt that the scenery around me had lost its color, and my whole body was stiff. Aftertaste came over. No, Tsuru Chixiu, is he. I stared at him in a daze, but before I could open my mouth, Long Bai shouted, "He Qian Xiu!"! You lied to me! You said you didn't like women! What are you doing now? "You shut up!" He Qianxiu suddenly turned around and roared, "If it weren't for Ah Li protecting you!"! Since you just hurt Ah Li, titanium machining parts ,deep draw stamping, I wish I could kill you! "Get out!" He Qianxiu raised his sleeve and waved it. Long Bai's body stiffened and then suddenly drifted back. Then her voice came from far away. "He Qian Xiu!"! How dare you do this to me! You'll regret it! This one action, I am familiar with special, I am thrown out of small bamboo house several times so! But, but he. Who the hell is he! He Qianxiu turned around and looked at me, his chest rising and falling violently, grabbed my hand and hugged me in his arms, holding me in the air. His speed was faster than Gu Qingchen's, and he crossed mountains and rivers in the blink of an eye. I looked at the crane Qianxiu's handsome side face, and the guess in my heart made me extremely flustered. "Where are you taking me?" "Who the hell are you?" "I don't know!" His tone was irritable, and he looked around for a foothold. I don't know if I'm his opponent, but the most important thing is that I can't fly and fall. Gu Qingchen was in seclusion, and I fell to my death. He Qianxiu finally landed on an uninhabited island, did not wait for him to let go of me, I took the lead in pushing him away, "He Qianxiu!"! Who the hell are you? Why did you ask me to forget Mo yuan? Why were you so excited. Why have the mark of the chain, will be the same way! …… Is he Gu Shenglan or Mo yuan! After he was pushed away by me, he was breathing heavily. He looked at me and frowned. Probably because of the disorder in his heart, he gasped: "I can confess, but you can't drive me away!"! I have nowhere else to go! I only know you! "You.." I frowned at him. I wanted to know his identity, but he said so and I felt nervous. If he is Gu Qingchen said, is Gu Shenglan mind pinch out, just a spy. Then I.. Didn't you leave a bomb beside you. Gu Shenglan, that guy, has never done a good thing! I looked at him coldly, clenched my fist, thinking of a word of disagreement, this island, just the dagger is also there, if he. Just because of Gu Shenglan's stratagem, then I took the soul of life, cut the blood to Ziyuan, and put it in the morning! Anyway, after taking the soul of the heart, he won't follow me like this! It's just that now I have some doubts about the soul of life I sensed. Is it because of the soul of life mixed with Mo yuan. I feel more and more confused. If it is Mo yuan, then Gu Qingchen once said that Meng'er's soul was reshaped by Ziyuan. But if it's not Mo yuan, why do you know me so well. He Qianxiu frowned at me and said in great pain, "What I said is true. Do you believe it? I don't know who I am.". Although I have the memory of Tsuru Chixiu, I know that it is not me. In my memory, I saw that he Qianxiu thought he was blocking the sacrifice to heaven, but his heart was taken away by the black fog and he ate it on the spot. "When I was conscious, it was Mr. Gu who put his fabricated heart in my heart." "He said that there was a fool who was going to be in great trouble. It was all his fault. He was afraid that he would be punished and go to hell after he died, so he asked me to follow that fool." He also said that as long as I follow that fool, I will find myself sooner or later. I froze for a few seconds, but he stopped talking about Gu Shenglan and said, "At first, I thought you thought I looked like Mo yuan, and I thought I looked like him, so I tried to move closer to him.". But during the Lantern Festival,Stainless steel foundry, Mr. Gu suddenly said to me, "I am not Mo yuan.". At that time, I suddenly felt a chill in my heart. I watched you kiss and felt as if I didn't belong to this world. 。

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