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Topic: The best childe

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The best childe


Had it not been for the lack of funds, Yueya would not need to be so humble in the face of the myth group, Xia Shiyun is not complaining that Chen Hexuan is not human, and he has been a classmate for several years, she knows best that this man never has any selfishness in his work, plus Chen Hexuan, who was born in a Hongru family, is outstanding in all aspects. But Xia Shiyun has no feeling for him. At the moment, facing this bastard who seems to have changed a lot, she is a little disheartened. Perhaps subconsciously, she thinks he will stand on her side. Lazy way: "Shanda has launched its own research and development of Legendary World and achieved great success, while 9 cities have acted as the target of Ao Shi Online." With these experienced agents and developers adding fuel to the flames, domestic online games will certainly set off waves this year, and the popularity of Xuanyuan on the Internet is also a guarantee. The development of online games needs the deep cultural foundation of China, and Chinese culture needs to be promoted by means of online games, an advanced means of cultural communication. Under such a good opportunity, a domestic online game with deep Chinese flavor and leading technology can enter the market with an unprecedented high profile. Ye Wudao opened his eyes and said with a sneer, "There are not many works with fantasy themes made in China. The reason why there are fewer fantasy works is that although fantasy themes are more exquisite than martial arts and more atmospheric than myths, the background is often very grand and the content is very imaginative. If the planning strength is slightly inferior, it is difficult to grasp the essence." It is also very difficult to develop excellent fantasy works. Perfect World, which will be launched in Perfect Time and Space, is based on ancient Chinese mythology, but it does not fill the gap of domestic games as rumored by the outside world. This is a lesson from the past. Another important guarantee for the rise of domestic online games in 2005 is that those who start with the operation of foreign online games as an agent have rich experience in channel development and resource game agents have also taken a fancy to the huge market prospects of domestic online games, and your Xuanyuan seems to have not found the object of selling themselves, right? Foreigners can't understand things of pure oriental origin. So, you Yueya are really excellent in pure technology, but I can't compliment the rest, a group of self-righteous frogs at the bottom of the well! "You!" Xia Shiyun was too angry to speak, and now this man, who is not just a playboy, is even more hated. Where do you spend the Spring Festival, Hangzhou or Shanghai? Ye Wudao asked lightly. Hangzhou Originally did not want to answer Xia Shiyun finally gave up insisting, she did not want to make a boring dispute on such a small matter, tired, is the heart tired. Well, plastic pallet crates ,plastic bulk containers, it's not easy for your mother. Ye Wudao said something that made Xia Shiyun inexplicable. She did not know that her whole life was like a puppet being manipulated. It was not until she left the Lin family completely and the Lin family was destroyed that the thread was broken. Ye Wudao can imagine how much grievance a woman with a daughter needs to suffer when she enters a big family with the reputation of a prostitute. All this is because of him. It really makes people laugh and cry. She's quiet now, and she's finally able to live the life she wants. Xia Shiyun lowered her head, and her sharp eyes were as moist as autumn water at the moment. I owe you, and I will pay you back. Ye Wudao suddenly felt a deep fatigue, Xia Shiyun tired, he is not, war dragon gang, war Chinese alliance, war princelings in the capital, war Vatican, how old is he? Is he a God? He was just an heir imprisoned by family honor, and if his unscrupulous father hadn't taught him the skills of indulgence, he would have collapsed. It was the irresponsible father who told him that the bad people in this society need more strength and the scum need more taste. No. Whatever happened in the past, I've forgotten. You don't owe me anything. Xia Shiyun shook her head. That's your business. I only do what I think I should do. Ye Wudao shook the cup of tea that had not been touched for nearly two hours. You have something to do? Xia Shiyun, who felt wrong, said doubtfully that today's Ye Wudao gave her a strange feeling, cold, lonely, and determined. Ye Wudao got up and left the tea table after checking out. With a sense of sadness, he said with a faint smile, "I'll deal with the matter of Xuanyuan. Pay attention to keeping warm when it's cold. If a girl has frostbite on her hands, she won't look good." Chapter 506 the overture to the capital (I). If a man knows that the woman he loves is waiting for him at the door of his house, it will be meaningful for him to fight and fight in the steel jungle outside. A man does not want to own the crown of triumph, but to carry it on a woman's head. Ye Wudao drove the Audi into the corner and saw the familiar graceful figure, dancing nifty squares on the bluestone slab in the courtyard of the independent villa. Many years ago, every time Ye Wudao went out and Murong Xuehen stayed at home, the first thing he saw was this scene. Regardless of the wind and sun, she would wait quietly with persistence. Light and agile footsteps, elegant purple lotus skirt, such as jade beauty, send out unparalleled temperament. Isn't it cold? Ye Wudao parked the car outside the yard and walked up to Murong Xuehen, gently holding the delicate and flawless face. It's not cold. I've never been cold since I met Wudao. The girl, who is about to be appointed as the next head of the Murong family, has a bright smile and a cold heart. No matter how cold the weather is, she will have a warm embrace and a warm heart. Murong Xuehen only remembered that he said he would like her to stand on the altar, she tried to do it, even she was so busy that she had to give up part of the time to miss him, the whole world was praising her with the most gorgeous words, and Ye Qingge,plastic pallet manufacturer, Yang Ningbing, Ye Hetu, Yang Ningsu these people would sigh and say a silly child.

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