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Topic: The End-Perrault's Last Detective _ Agatha Christie

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The End-Perrault's Last Detective _ Agatha Christie


Although Bai Luo did not tell me, but I can speculate that the character of X, must be a man, then, it is difficult to guess the man, in the end which man? It will never be Colonel Reitrell. This is not difficult to judge by his indecision and the weakness that can often be seen. Could it be Norton with binoculars? On the surface, Norton is a charming, unpromising and negative man. It goes without saying that many of the murderers are discreet and unobtrusive-that is why he claims himself by the means of killing. Because he often bears a grudge for being ignored! Maybe Norton could be a killer in this category. However, he is a person who loves birds. I have always believed that anyone who loves nature can prove to be a man of sound mind and body. What about Bode & # 183; Carrington? ? This world-renowned outstanding sportsman is also an administrator, a figure loved and respected by everyone. Not a problem. Dr. Franklin can also be relieved of this suspicion. Because I know Judith respects him and thinks highly of him. Next came Major Araton. I chew slowly and assess leisurely. The so-called insane guy may refer to this kind of man! This kind of man may cheat his grandmother for money. However, they whitewash their appearance with a very shallow charm. At the moment, he was proudly playing up the story of his failure-pretending to be a clown and shamelessly making jokes to win the laughter of everyone. If Araton is X, there is no doubt that his purpose of murder must be some kind of benefit. However, Bai Luo did not explicitly point out that X was male. There is also the possibility of Miss Colo. I think so. It was obvious that she was a nervous beauty with a restless mind and a flustered manner,artificial grass panels, with the kind of wit that catches the wind and is afraid of snakes when she sees a rope. However, no matter from which angle, it looks normal. There were only three women at the dinner table, she, Mrs. Reitrell, and Judith. Mrs. Franklin was having dinner in her room on the second floor,fake ficus tree, and the nurse next to her would not come down to eat until we were finished. After supper, I stood by the living room window, looking out into the courtyard, and thinking of young, brown-haired Cynthia. Matke ran from the other side of the lawn when the scene of the past, dressed in a white uniform, how charming she was. "How's it going?" Judith suddenly asked me. I was rather surprised. How's it going? What do you mean by that? "Dad was very strange from the beginning to the end tonight.". What are you doing at dinner? Always staring at everyone. I was stunned. For I did not think that I should be in a trance to think of something, and even reveal it in my attitude. Is it? I'm thinking of the past. Maybe I'm looking at ghosts. By the way, I heard Dad used to live in this house when he was young, didn't he? An elderly woman was killed here, fake ficus tree ,outdoor ficus tree, wasn't she? "Poisoned by man, the poison is strychnine." What kind of person is he? A good man? Or a nuisance? I thought for a moment about what she had asked. An amiable man, "I continued after a moment's hesitation," is a generous and benevolent man. Used to donate a lot of money to charity. "Oh-it's that kind of generosity and benevolence." Judith's voice was slightly contemptuous. And then immediately asked a strange question. Is everyone who lives here happy? No, not happy, at least I know. "Not happy," I said slowly. "Why?" Because everyone is in the mood of a prisoner. It was Mrs. Ingerthorpe who held the total fortune-she doled it out little by little, leaving her nominal children unable to enjoy their own lives. I knew Judith had suddenly caught her breath, and the hand on my arm was heavy. It's too much. That's an abuse of power! No, this cannot be allowed. An old man or a sick man should not have the power to interfere with the life of a healthy person! To bind them, to make them anxious, to waste all the strength and energy that can be used-there is such a need in the world. It's called bossiness! "This.." It's not.. "This is not limited to the elderly," I said coldly. ” I know what you mean, father, but you think it's the young people who are bossy. Perhaps you are right, but our bossiness is clean and neat. At least, we just do what we want to do, and we don't want others to do what I want, and we never think of treating others as slaves. "No, as soon as you young people see someone in the way, you will be indifferent to him." Judith grabbed my hand. Please don't speak so cruelly! I didn't deal with people so well! Moreover, my father did not even give me guidance on the way of life, which the children thought was fortunate. "But, as for me," I said frankly, "I didn't teach you, but I was criticized by my mother for saying that failure was a lesson." Judith quickly pinched my arm again. "I know," she said, "but father, are you going to yell like an old hen about us? I hate yelling! Can't stand it. But can you understand, Dad, the boredom of sacrificing a life that is no longer useful when the future is uncertain? "Sometimes it is.". But there is no need to resort to extreme measures. Just stay away from it. "Yes, but is that really all right?" Judith spoke so excitedly that I was surprised and turned my head to look at her face. It was so dark that I couldn't see her expression clearly. She continued, but her voice was low and disorganized. There are a lot of things that are really hard to understand-money,outdoor palm trees, responsibility, not wanting to hurt people with good hearts-a lot of them. And there is a mad man among them-he knows how to play with that mood. That kind of person--that kind of person is the same as bloodsucking leech! "Judith!" I was surprised by the anger in her speech. He probably sensed that he was talking too excitedly, so he quickly smiled and let go of the hand on my arm.

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