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Topic: Emperor's pet

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Emperor's pet


Li Shangjia naturally knew what he was thinking, but, "I took the throne from you.". This time, as if, I will return it to you! "Why did you say that? If I hadn't been too selfish at the beginning, I wouldn't be so embarrassed as I am today!" He knew that Li Shangjia was never moved by love. But as long as he identified a person, that is a lifetime thing, he will do everything possible to be with that. Had it not been for the too many restrictions on the throne, he might have been happy with Yu Ehuang today! "Don't say that!"! Fortunately, you didn't make up your mind to fall out with me this time, otherwise I wouldn't know how to end it! Li Shangjia comforted him, "it's just that your complexion tonight doesn't seem very good!" Li Shaoqing sighed, "Brother, after these days, I am more and more uncertain whether the emperor's sister-in-law is the one I want.". I've been seeing her in my dreams lately, but it's always the same as when I first met her. However, now with in-depth understanding and contact, the original feeling is getting weaker and weaker, he even began to question himself, what in the end he likes her! Li Shangjia did not know how to answer his question, so he could only turn his head and keep silent. After all, how can emotional things be said clearly in a few words! Just like he and Yu Ehuang, he still doesn't know why he was attracted to her. It was just the right feeling, and he naturally opened her heart that had been frozen for a long time. Let her break in, attack the city and plunder the land in his own country,digital touch screen board, and erode his whole life bit by bit! You still need to find the answer to this question by yourself. I only ask you one question, are you really willing to give up your former life in order to marry her? After taking over the throne, it means being bound! Do you really want to? "I do!" Without the slightest hesitation, these three words blurted out. That's good! Since you are so sure, why bother with other things! In fact, Peng Wanqing is not a bad woman, she just has too much obsession with power and status in her heart. But if let her really fight for what, she can't be very cruel, otherwise why not let you kill me directly,smartboards for business, in order to avoid future trouble? Li Shangjia's words have no other meaning, just to let him know his heart, know what he really wants! He thought that Li Shaoqing was frightened by Peng Wanqing's stubbornness, otherwise he would not have asked such a question. However, the speaker has no intention, but the listener has a heart, "brother, if she really let me do that, I will never be entangled with her again!" Love is a person's spiritual food, it can let a person who is on the verge of despair regain hope. But it is not indispensable, this world does not exist because there is no love can not live! In his opinion, it is not wrong to love a person, but if he loses the bottom line for love, what is the difference between such a person and those animals who have no feelings? Li Shangjia looked at him frowning and knew that he was unhappy, so he said, "Well, there's nothing to be entangled with.". All you have to do is listen to what you really think! As for the rest, digital interactive whiteboard ,86 smart board, let's put it aside for the time being today. You should be tired, so you'd better go back to rest earlier! Cheer up when you go to court tomorrow! When Li Shaoqing heard the word "go to court", his eyes were obviously dark. After a moment, he bowed with his hand and said, "Brother Huang, also rest earlier!"! My brother retired first! With that, he left! Li Shangjia looked around the empty house for a week, and for a moment his heart was a little desolate. This hall is good, but there is no warm feeling, just a pile of objects piled up with silver and gold! Compared with this, he still misses the days outside the palace. Carefree, without the annoyance of official documents, without the annoyance of ministers. It is interesting to be accompanied by Yu Ehuang all day long! At this time, in the face of this room full of quiet, he was a little miss her, I do not know this time she did not sleep! Heart is really hope that such a day as soon as possible, in the future he is no longer the emperor, they can play together, this world is so big, with their favorite people to experience, is the greatest happiness in life! Think of this, the hands of the memorial is no longer in the mood to continue to see. He simply threw those things aside and opened the door to go out. Your Majesty, are you going back to the Hall of Mental Cultivation to have a rest? Zhou Junkun, who was waiting outside, saw Li Shangjia walking out and asked with some surprise. Li Shangjia looked up at the sky, only vaguely saw a few faint stars, scattered in the air hanging, looking very cold. Out of the palace! "Huh?"? Your Majesty, what are you doing out of the palace at this time? Zhou Junkun is more and more surprised, usually at this time, the emperor should stay in the imperial study to deal with official business. How to change the usual attitude today, unexpectedly to leave the palace? "Go out of the palace to the prime minister's mansion!" Li Shangjia did not do much to explain, but after such a simple sentence, he walked forward with his hands behind his back. Zhou Junkun, of course, knew what he was doing in the prime minister's mansion, and now the beauty in the prime minister's mansion, but the emperor's heart treasure, the emperor would read her from time to time, thinking about when to see him. In the eyes of these servants, the emperor's behavior is really magic! Yu Ehuang on this side, too, could not sleep. She walked up and down the window, but refused to go back to bed. I miss him in my heart and don't know what he is doing now. However, with his temperament, he should be dealing with official documents! Opening the window, a gust of wind blew on Yu Ehuang, who was wearing thin clothes. In an instant, the chill came. He could not help but cover his mouth and nose and yawn carefully. He closed the carved window coffin and prepared to rest after looking outside for the last time! As soon as he turned his head and looked at the man standing in front of him with white breath, his mouth could not help but open wide, his fingers stretched out, pointing to him, "Li Shangjia, why are you here?" Li Shangjia Wen Yan shook his head helplessly, this little woman,smart board interactive whiteboard, is like a'Li Shangjia 'to call him, but also only she, only have the courage!.

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