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Topic: Age of Light _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise

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Age of Light _ Blood Red _ txt Novel Paradise


Without further ado, I only want you to obey my orders. You form a coalition and attack the human legion, but don't do too much damage to them. After a few pretentious attacks, you will be defeated like Almon. Lin Qi pulled his fingers and gave instructions slowly: "When you are defeated, you should pretend to be professional. You should let people see at a glance that you are really defeated. You must let people believe that you are really defeated." If you do well. I'll consider giving you a little reward. If you don't do well. With Lin Qi's words, Obscure Nightmare gave out a ferocious laugh. He grabbed the four-edged sledgehammer weighing more than ten thousand catties in the hand of the steel horn. With a twist, he pinched the heavy holy vessel into a ball of iron powder and fell down. The steel horn gawked at his weapon, which had been completely destroyed, and two lines of tears rolled down, but he dared not make a sound. The demon lords shivered, and they glanced at Obscure Nightmare at the same time. Then he lowered his head deeply. A voice sounded softly in the group of demons: "However, you are a human ah, as human beings, we need to suspect that you do this seems to cause us great harm." Smiling, Linzi glanced at the demon lords. He shook his head and sighed. "Demons are treacherous and suspicious. It's true.". In this way,75 inch smart board, in order that you can better obey my orders, give your souls to me! How interesting. Let me control your souls, and then you will all become my servants. So you don't have to suspect that I will deliberately damage your interests. The demon lords' bodies trembled violently again, and the demon with a pair of black bone wings on his back raised his head and shouted angrily: "We demons are a freedom-loving race, we will never yield to the power of a human, we.." Lin Qi waved it out,interactive panel board, and the butcher's axe brought up a dark arc of light and made a dull crack of the wind. It struck heavily on the top of the head of the Demon Lord, whose strength was almost at the peak of the Holy Master and whose one foot was almost in the realm of a demigod. Weighing one hundred and eight thousand catties, the Tu Jun axe was launched by the earth attribute gravity ban, and the gravity near him increased by more than ten times in an instant. The sharp blade of the axe sank into the top of the bone-winged demon's head like tofu. Splits him into two pieces from the middle. The strength of the bone-winged demon is strong, and there are more than a dozen dazzling black magic flashes on his body, which are the magic shield luster of the automatically triggered magic amulet on his body. But in the face of the extremely sharp and heavy butcher's axe, all the magic shields collapsed at a touch, and the butcher's axe easily split him from the middle without any resistance. Dark magic blood spilled all over the ground, the butcher's axe sank deep into the ground, the heavy and suffocating pressure made all the demon lords shut their mouths in horror, 65 inch touch screen ,smartboard for business, they stared at the butcher's axe shining with strange light, clenching their teeth one by one, for fear of making a sound that should not be made. All right, who else has a problem with my proposal? Lin Qi looked at these demon lords with a smiling face: "Just now this Lord said that the demon clan is a freedom-loving race. You will never yield to my power. So, if you have any dissatisfaction with me, you can rise up and fight.". I absolutely respect any race's yearning for freedom, and I absolutely respect any life's pursuit of freedom! With a casual move, the butcher's axe made a strange roar of a tiger and flew back into Linqi's hand. Slowly playing with the heavy and huge butcher's axe, Lin Qi, like peeling an apple, cut the huge stone he sat on one by one. When the blade of the butcher's axe cut the boulder, there was no sound at all. The boulder was cut smoothly like tofu, which showed how sharp the butcher's axe was. "Of course, there is a price to pay for freedom!" "I respect the devil's love of freedom, as long as you are not killed by my axe, you can be free, I absolutely respect your freedom!" The Demon Lords looked glassy at the butcher's axe in Linzi's hand. The strength of the fourth abyss is far less than that of the fifth abyss, and the blood of these demons and ghosts in the fourth abyss is absolutely not as pure and noble as that of the demons in the fifth abyss and the sixth abyss. The bone-winged demon was already one of the six most powerful demon lords in the fourth abyss, and the other five demons were just as powerful as he was. Linzi can kill the bone-winged demon with an axe, so none of the demons present can resist Linzi's axe. A demon with no flesh on his face and a complete skull face smiled brightly and knelt down under the big stone where Linzi sat. He smiled obsequiously at Linzi and released his soul from his body, completely exposing himself to Linzi. Freedom? What the hell is that? To us, the devil, freedom is a complete waste! We demons don't need freedom at all. What we need is a powerful and evil master like you! Dear master, please accept our humble and worthless souls. It is our greatest honor to make us your servants, your slaves and your running dogs! Demon lords fell to their knees in front of Linzi. They rushed to offer their souls and worshipped Linzi with great fanaticism, fearing that Linzi would not accept their "humble", "weak" and "worthless" slaves. Nightmare shook his head and spat heavily on the ground: "This is the devil!"! ***! The evil spirits shook their heads at the same time and spat heavily on the ground. This is the devil, this is the treacherous, treacherous, suspicious devil ah, they basically have no moral bottom line to speak of, as long as there are interests, their souls can be sold at any time, as for what freedom ah, dignity and other things,interactive panels for education, I am sorry, in the dictionary of the devil, there are no such wonderful words! "Survival" and "profit" are the only two words inscribed in the soul of the devil.

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