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Topic: Seven Weapons-Longevity Sword-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise

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Seven Weapons-Longevity Sword-Gulong _ txt Novel Paradise


Only the man in black still had no expression on his face, because he had no desire in his heart. He used to be a very ugly person, but in this group, he suddenly became lovely. "If you want something like this, it's very simple," said Bai Yujing. "Just promise me one thing." "What's the matter?" Asked Zhu Dashao. Bai Yujing said, "After you take something like this, you should leave immediately. Don't come to me again from now on." Everyone's eyes opened wider, looking surprised and happy. No one can imagine that his condition is so simple and easy. Zhu Dashao coughed twice more and said with a forced smile, "We have no quarrel with Bai Gongzi. We have heard of Bai Gongzi's chivalrous name for a long time. As long as we can get such a thing, of course we will leave immediately. And I don't think we will dare to disturb Bai Gongshi again." Zhao Yidao immediately nodded in agreement. Of course, the white horse Zhang San and the three people of the Green Dragon Club have nothing to say. Miao Shaotian has something to say. He suddenly asked, "But I don't know who Mr. Bai is going to give this to." Bai Yujing said, "This is your own business. You'd better discuss it first." White horse Zhang San looked at Miao Shaotian, then looked at Zhu Taishao, frowning and silent. The three members of the Green Dragon Society seemed to stand up and speak, but their eyes rolled. But he held back. Zhu Dashao suddenly said,digital signage kiosk, "This thing came out of the Qinglong Society. Naturally, it should be returned to the elder brothers of the Qinglong Society." "Not bad," said Zhao Yidao. That makes sense. The three men of the Green Dragon Society immediately stood up and bowed to them. One of them said, "You two speak out from a sense of justice. The Qinglong Society will never dare to forget the benefits of you." "I dare not," said Zhao Yidao, leaning forward. Zhu Dashao said with a smile,facial recognition thermometer, "There are still many places for Wantang to look up to the Qinglong Meeting in the future. Why should the three elder brothers be polite?" Although the man looked like a well-fed young master, he was very shrewd and sophisticated in speaking and doing things, and he was a standard businessman. He seemed to be born to understand things like steering according to the wind and opportunism. Miao Shaotian glared at him mercilessly, and although he was not convinced, he had no alternative. "Is that the decision?" Asked Bai Yujing. "Humph," said Miao Shaotian. Bai Yujing let out a long breath, took out a bag of brocade from his bosom, and threw it on the table. No matter what is in the bag, the bag of tricks seems to be a valuable thing. But he threw it away as if it were garbage. Everyone stared at the bag of tricks and looked at each other, but no one could speak. Bai Yujing said coldly, "It's already on the table. Why don't you take it?" The three members of the Green Dragon Society looked at each other. One of them came over and untied the bag of tricks. Dozens of colorful things immediately rolled down on the table, including Persian opals, face detection android ,facial recognization camera, precious stones from India, beautiful jade from Hetian, and pearls as big as longan. Even the lights seemed to come on. Bai Yujing leaned back lazily in his chair and looked at the pile of jewelry with a strange expression in his eyes. These things are not easy to get, and he has paid a price. He knew well what they stood for — good wine, fine clothes, clean and comfortable beds, gentle and beautiful women, and the admiration and respect of men. These are just indispensable for a man like him. But now that he had given them up, he had no regret in his heart. Because he knows he's got something better. Because all the wealth in the world could not fill the loneliness and emptiness in his heart. But now he is no longer lonely and empty. Wealth is on the table, and it is strange that no one has reached for it yet. Strangely enough, instead of looking happy, these people looked disappointed. Bai Yujing looked up and saw them. He frowned and said, "What else do you want?" Zhu shook his head. The three members of the Green Dragon Society also shook their heads. "" Wait here, Mr. Bai, "said Zhu Dashao suddenly." We'll go out and come right away. "What else do you want to discuss?" Asked Bai Yujing. "A little thing," said Zhu Dashao with a forced smile. Bai Yujing looked at them, hesitated, and finally let them out. All the people went out. Bai Yujing sneers, to these people, he has no fear at all, also not afraid that they have any conspiracy. He is willing to pay this, just because he wants to take her well, do not want her to be any more frightened and hurt. He didn't want to shed any more blood himself. It was a foolish thing to shed blood for these things. But what else do they want now? He can't guess. 。 The window was open. He could see their movements, and no one went to the small building, which was still calm. She must have slept like a baby. When she fell asleep, she looked like a baby, so innocent, so sweet. Bai Yujing could not help showing a smile at the corners of his mouth-suddenly, all the people actually came back. Everyone carried a bundle in his hand, put it on the table and untied it. The white horse Zhang San brought a bucket of pearls. Miao Shaotian is a stack of golden leaves. Qinglong will be a box of silver. Zhu Dashao is a brand new silver ticket. No matter who these things are, they are already a fortune, and their value is by no means inferior to Bai Yujing's jewelry. Bai Yujing couldn't help asking, "What are you doing?" Zhu Dashao stood up and said, "This is our little respect for Mr. Bai. Please accept it." Bai Yujing is a person who is hard to be moved, but now he can't help being stunned. Instead of his jewels, they gave him their wealth. What is this for? He couldn't figure it out either. 。 Zhu Taishao coughs gently, say again: "We …" We also want to ask our son to promise one thing. "What's the matter?" Asked Bai Yujing. "I don't know how long Bai Gongyu is going to stay here," said Zhu Dashao. "I'm leaving at dawn." "That would be great," said Zhu Dashao with a smile. "What do you mean?" Asked Bai Yujing. Zhu Dashao said with a smile,temperature scanning kiosks, "Now that Mr. Bai is leaving, what else is there to do?" Bai Yujing was stunned again. He thought they would not let him go, but they only wanted him to go quickly and were willing to give him a fortune.

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