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Topic: Rogue Masters of Online Games

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Rogue Masters of Online Games


When Ye Chenyun heard this, his face changed slightly, and he said in front of Sin Heaven and the eldest brother that he was a master and a level. That was not asking for his own humiliation. The eldest brother had more than 90 levels, and the eldest brother had more than 80 levels. In addition, the eldest brother was said to have more abnormal equipment than the artifact. Even Sin Heaven was a fairy suit, not to mention Ling Xiaoman's equipment. According to the brothers in the team, now all the people around the eldest brother have changed into fairy suits, and in front of such a perverted trio, they still say they are masters? Equipment and rating? Sin Tian smiled to himself, but they didn't say anything, but Ye Chenyun said according to the meaning conveyed by Sin Tian today: "That what, brother Ling, I will handle the matter of you joining Zhu Xian, but you have to promise me one thing." "It's all right, it's all right, as long as I can join Zhu Xian." Thinking of the benefits of Zhu Xian and the advantages of buying equipment, Ling Guangjian saw stars in his eyes. After entering Zhu Xian, he could buy equipment twice as cheap as outside. Even if he resold it, he would make a fortune. Then Ling Xiaoman suddenly said, "Brother, can you tell me the whereabouts of the milk now?" Ling Guangjian was slightly stunned. He didn't expect Ling Xiaoman to ask about it now,touch screen kiosk, so he was a little angry on the spot. But because of Ye Chenyun's existence, it was not easy to break out. He just twisted for a moment and then said, " 'Milk' 'Milk' is all right. It's in the nursing home." Chapter 534 temporary leave of absence. Chapter 534 temporary leave of absence. When Ling Xiaoman heard this, he stood up and pointed at Ling Guangjian and shouted, "How can you send the milk to the nursing home?"? "Milk" How much "milk" loved us when we were young? Now that Mom and Dad are gone, you send the milk to a nursing home? Do you still have a conscience? Then he ran out. The crowd immediately followed, Ling Guangjian also did not think of Ling Xiaoman so extreme,face recognition identification kiosk, immediately followed the crowd to chase out. Xiaoman, stop! Xia Feng suddenly shouted. Standing in the yard, the latter looked back at Xia Feng and said, "I have to bring back the milk." "I know!" Xia Feng walked up to her. Then a few people in the back followed out, Ling Guangjian immediately came up and said: "That, Xiaoman, don't worry, I have no money."? Uncle is like that again. What do you want me to do? "You don't deserve to be a son of man." Xia Feng suddenly said. As soon as Ling Guangjian heard this, he was not happy. If Ling Xiaoman was angry, maybe he would have scruples because Ling Xiaoman was about to become Ye Chenyun's girlfriend. But Xia Feng and Sin Tian were different. Why should he teach himself a lesson? Who are you? Is it your turn to take care of this matter? It's really a dog and a mouse who meddle in other people's affairs and have nothing to do. Ling Guangjian disdained to scold. You, what do you look like now? Ling Xiaoman finished and went out, Xia Feng had to follow out, and Ye Chenyun helplessly shook his head and ran out, this was not easy to see a boss but also pretend not to know, this is nothing ah. Xia Feng stopped a car and was about to open it for Ling Xiaoman when Ling Guangjian slammed the door. He looked at Xia Feng and said, digital signage screen ,face recognition identification, "Why do you want to take her away?"? Who is she to you? When Xia Feng heard this, he was about to get angry. Suddenly, he was stopped by the day of sin. "Cough," he said, "what is that? Civilization? Quality?" Xia Feng was stupefied, and then he saw the fist of the day of sin hit Ling Guangjian's chin with a bang. The latter staggered and squatted down, while Xia Feng and Ling Xiaoman left by car. And the remaining sin day slowly walked to the front of Ling Guangjian and pulled him up. You, you dare to hit me, you. 'Bang.. ' Then I heard a loud sound. When I was tired, I stood up slowly. I tidied up my clothes and looked at Ye Chenyun and said, "You can do it yourself. I'll contact you when you enter the real world in a few days." "Well, I know the guilty boss, you hurry to go after the boss." Ye Chenyun smiled and said. The latter nodded and then took a taxi to leave the villa. And on the ground Ling Guangjian slowly climbed up, the whole face is swollen up, he is an ordinary small hoodlum how can be a sin day, this is the underworld origin of the opponent, naturally was beaten all over the face is a bag. This, brother Yun, this, this. Ye Chenyun smiled and said, "Didn't you hear the name of the man who hit you just now?" The latter was stunned. Sin day? The sinful heaven of the legend of the seven ghosts? "Seven, seven ghosts?" Ye Chenyun smiled. How could it be, how could it be the legend of the seven ghosts. Sin? …… Ling Xiaoman on the bus was crying, while Xia Feng didn't know how to comfort her. Don't cry. She should be worried when she sees your milk after crying for a while. Xia Feng thought of such a sentence. The latter looked at Xia Feng and sobbed, "I, I didn't expect him to be like this. At the beginning, my eldest brother's character was a little bad, but it was definitely not like this.." "Well, it's almost time for the nursing home. Don't cry. Just wait for you to take the milk to Jinghua."? Don't cry anymore. Since your brother has become like this, let him run his own course. Xia Feng said deliberately. Ling Xiaoman was stupefied, and then he saw Xia Feng laughing and said, "What's the matter?"? Not willing to give up again? Don't worry, I've told Ye Chenyun, your brother won't have anything to do here, don't worry. "Thank you, Summer Wind!" Ling Xiaoman slowly stopped crying for a long time. A similar farce is finally completed, the next Wuzong Congress Xia Feng will start his own campaign, do not know what kind of master this time will meet, many of the masters in the real world are lurking, they are waiting for today's Wuzong Congress, because here you can become famous, instantly popular throughout the online games world, of course, the premise is that you have to have this ability. Xia Feng and Ling Xiaoman and others soon returned to Huaxia, because on the way they had to carry Ling Xiaoman's "milk" and "milk", so several people returned by car. When Xia Feng returned to Jinghua City,interactive whiteboard prices, it was already three days after departure, that is to say, the Wuzong Congress would begin in one day.

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