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Topic: Forensic Qin Ming Series 1: Corpse Whisperer

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Forensic Qin Ming Series 1: Corpse Whisperer


In order to prevent the presence of toxic gases in the basement, we slowly walked down the cellar wearing gas masks, rubber shoes and anatomy suits. The cellar is not spacious, and the whole cellar can stand five or six people. When I shone a bright light on a corner of the cellar, I found a dark shadow. My heart was suddenly in my throat, and when I looked carefully, it seemed that there was a man lying in the water in the corner, motionless. Seeing me standing there in a daze, Master said, "Go and have a look. Hurry up. It's too hot here. It's easy to lack oxygen." Right above the cellar is the motor room, where more than half of the heat generated by the huge power is emitted into the air, and the other part is accumulated in this small basement. We were wearing winter clothes, and we were already sweating through after only two minutes in the cellar. I dared to walk up to the man with my master and shone the light carefully. The man's neck and head were leaning against the wall, and the whole part below the neck was submerged in the water. We did not feel his pulse and breath again, because he was highly corrupt and had a stench. After a brief look at the surroundings, Master said, "Go up first. There is not enough oxygen here." The skin of the highly decayed corpse was very slippery and easily peeled off, so Master and I moved the corpse very carefully. While transporting the body to the ground, I asked, "Master, this should have nothing to do with this case, right?"? The people of the Qingzhou Municipal Bureau are going to hate us to death. We haven't got a clue about this case yet. Send them another one. "Why must it have nothing to do with this case?" Master asked. This It's all highly corrupt. I say In this humid and hot environment, it can be highly corrupt in two or three days. It's been three days since our murder case happened today. Master said. My heart suddenly kindled hope, did the murderer commit suicide? It took me and my master a lot of effort to move the body to the ground and put it in the sun. Suddenly a corpse came out, and it was a corpse beyond recognition. The security guard waiting beside him was so frightened that he stumbled and almost fell down, covering his eyes and squatting on the ground. The corpse was really terrible,liquid bottle filling machine, because of the expansion of the putrefying gas in the body, the corpse had been severely deformed, the eyeball was obviously protruding from the eye socket, the tongue was pushed out of the mouth by the putrefying tissue, and the skin of the corpse was green and shiny with water. As soon as the body was left out in the sun, it aroused our interest. Because the clothes of the corpse were exactly the same as the uniforms worn by the security guards around him. Brother, is it terrible? Master took off his gloves and patted the shivering security guard on the shoulder. "Can I ask you a few questions?" The security guard nodded and stole a glance at the decayed corpse on the side. Who was on duty in your security room the night Zhao Xin was killed? "Boss Qi." The security guard lowered his head and said, "It's our security captain on duty." "What time does he go to work?" "He took over at five o'clock that afternoon and at seven the next morning." "Who did he take over with the next day?" "With me." The security guard thought about it and said, "No, to be exact, I came to take over, but I didn't see the captain.". His keys are on the table. "Didn't you see Boss Qi when you took over?" The master was very surprised and said, "such a big thing has happened, Blowing Filling Capping combiblock ,PET blow moulding machine, and boss Qi has mysteriously disappeared, why don't you tell the Public Security Bureau?" What is there to say? It's normal that I didn't see anyone when I took over, and I can go first if I have something to do. And it's not a mysterious disappearance. Everyone knows that the eldest brother should go back to his hometown on Wednesday morning. He has already asked for leave in advance. "Do you mean that Boss Qi asked for leave to go home, but the case happened on the night he was on duty?" I asked. Security nodded: "Do not believe you go to his hometown to ask." The master frowned and said, "No need to ask. If there is no accident, this corpse is your boss Qi." The security guard shook his head like a rattle. "No, no, this is a fat man.". Boss Qi of our family is a handsome boy. "This is the swelling caused by corruption, and the deceased is not fat." The master said, "Do you have any physical features?" "Nothing distinctive? Oh, yes, he has a small ear on his left side.". ” Crouching beside the corpse and listening to their answers, I turned over the corpse's head, and there was a small ear beside the corpse's left ear. Qingzhou City Funeral Parlour. Master and I spent nearly four hours carefully examining the body of Boss Qi, initially excluding the death caused by mechanical injury and mechanical asphyxia, as well as the death caused by hypoxia and drowning. We're at a loss as to the cause of death. As for other traces and material evidence, nothing was found. Shallow blood footprints were found in the murder of three members of Zhao Xin's family, but the eldest brother Qi did not wear shoes. In the case of the murder of three members of Zhao Xin's family, because the little girl's artery was ruptured, we analyzed that the murderer should have blood on his body, but Qi's whole body was soaked in mud for several days, and there was no way to find blood. Did he do it or not? I'm very confused. The possibility is very high. Master said, I thought this was master s intuition again, but master went on to say, think about it, we watched the surveillance for so long before and after the crime. If there was anything suspicious, we would have found it, but we didn t find anything. Let's imagine that if the murderer had been in the neighborhood all the time, near the security room where the surveillance could not be found, he might not have appeared in the surveillance, right? I nodded. What the master said was very reasonable, but it could not be the basis for judging the murderer. But we don't have any evidence. I say. The master nodded his head and said, "The cases of self-production and self-sale are the most troublesome. There is no proof of death, so the requirements for evidence are even higher. Otherwise, there is no way to give an explanation to the family members of the deceased, the masses, and the units handling the case." Produce and sell your own products is a slang term we often use internally, which means to kill people and then commit suicide. For forensic doctors, self-produced and self-sold cases are the most difficult. Because there is no confession of the victim, witness or criminal suspect, the basis for deciding a case depends entirely on criminal technology, and the requirement for evidence is the highest. But what to be afraid of,CSD filling line, according to the master's inference, the possibility of Qi eldest brother committing a crime is very high. What should we do next? I asked, "Will you go to the project meeting?" 。

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