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Topic: Cold Face Poppy Lover

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Cold Face Poppy Lover


Rufeng stopped, and when she heard his name, her heart beat even harder. I don't know if it was because of fear or because of the way he looked at her, full of heat. Afraid of what? Afraid he's really angry? Is he really impatient because of his unreasonable behavior? If the wind lowers its head, it seems to be thinking about something. Meng Shaonan. Finally, she spoke in a low voice, with a lot of uncertainty in her voice. "What do you want?" Meng Shaonan stared at her and suddenly felt distressed: "I don't want to do anything." I just want my wind. Have I become too unreasonable? Is it.. Am I boring you? She stood there, always hanging her head, like a child who had done something wrong. Meng Shaonan listened to her words and frowned more tightly. "Why do you think so?" He stood up and walked toward her, and when his hand touched hers, she stepped back. I hate myself for being like this. She mumbled softly, but he could hear clearly. But I like you to be like this, jealous for love.. Only Please don't ignore me. There was a smile in his voice. It's like it's finally something he wants. If the wind looked up at his smiling eyes, she was in a trance for a moment. Did she fall into his trap again? Suddenly her anger came up again, and she really wondered if she was in menopause, how could she get angry when she moved a little? "It's up to you, Shao and General Manager!" Rufeng stared at him, deliberately emphasizing his appellation, and then turned and walked towards the door. Meng Shaonan raised his eyebrows and smiled. It was good to finally force out her anger. It was better than her ignoring him. Watching her walk to the door, his vigorous figure flashed in front of her, and before her hand touched the doorknob, he put his arms around her. Rufeng, however, seemed a little excited. He raised his foot and stepped on his foot. He snorted in pain and hugged her hand,a333 grade 6 pipe, but still did not relax. His kisses rained down on her hair, on her neck. "Meng Shaonan, let me go." Rufeng refused, pulling his hand hard and tightening her hand. There was a knock on the door, and then Nannan's sweet voice came in: "Mom, I want to sleep.." Rufeng suddenly stopped struggling, and Meng Shaonan stopped kissing her. Oh When mom knows, mom will come. She answered nervously,uns c70600, pulled his arm away, stared at him, opened the door, picked up the little Nannan by the door and went to the bathroom. Meng Shaonan a face of helpless expression, this kid, really know how to stir up trouble. After washing Nannan and Xiaozhe, Rufeng pretended to sleep with the two children and refused to go out in Nannan's bed. Mom, I can sleep by myself, you go to sleep. Nannan kissed her on the cheek and said to her. Oh Mom Wait for Nannan to fall asleep and then go to sleep. My God, the little guy kicked her out. Mom, you go to sleep, Nannan can be accompanied by his brother. Nannan, however, was ungrateful and listened to the wind with a look of hatred that iron did not become steel. Yeah, mom, you go to bed early. Xiao Zhe also urged at the other end. If the wind really wants to pretend not to hear, these two children, 347 stainless steel ,x56 line pipe, don't they know that their mother is taking refuge? Why are you so unreasonable? Works related to extra chapters and good At the urging of the two children, she had to withdraw from their room. Out of the door, can not stop the heart beat faster, do not know where he is, such as the wind walking, suddenly laughing at their own silly, what is she doing? Just as he was about to go downstairs to pour a glass of water, he heard his voice ringing on the stairs, as if he were making a phone call. Rufeng stopped and stood there watching his figure appear at the top of the stairs. Meng Shaonan looked up and saw her standing there. He said a few words and hung up the phone and strode towards her. In a panic, Rufeng hurriedly turned around and ran towards the study, then slammed the door. Meng Shaonan was shut out of the door, staring at the door in front of her dumbfounded, she now, actually regard him as a flood beast? If the wind against the door, the heart is still nervous, she is how, her behavior is so funny, why did she see him to escape ah? He stood outside the door, gently buckled the door: "Rufeng, go to bed early..." His tone seemed to be helpless, "I won't touch you." He admitted that he missed her very much, but it seemed that her anger had not yet subsided, so he indulged her. Rufeng listened attentively and heard his footsteps farther and farther away, her flustered heart gradually stabilized, but she felt a sense of loss in her heart. She went to the computer desk and sat down, facing the darkness of the room, and she was silent. Time passes quietly, such as the wind did not look at the time, but guess it should be midnight. Gently open the door of the study, the corridor is dark, he should sleep, right? If the wind goes into the bathroom to take a bath. The warm water washed through the cold body, the pores expanded in an instant, and the pink skin suddenly became delicate. She stood at the head of the shower, letting the water wash her body, and everything was forgotten in the water. After a long time, she came out of the bathroom, wrapped herself in a bath towel, and scrubbed her hair with a towel. When she opened the bathroom door, she froze there. Just like the first time six years ago, she looked at him. Inadvertently, she opened the door and looked at his dark green eyes. He had cold eyes, and when he saw her body, it gradually became hot. Caught off guard, his lips pressed down and his strong arms encircled her tottering body. She tried to speak, but he sealed her with a kiss. The towel she held in her hand fell feebly to the ground, and he half pushed and half pushed her back into the bathroom. The door closed behind him, his wanton big hand stroked her back at the same time hooked off the bath towel, the soft bath towel fell to the ground, his kiss became fierce and overbearing, the hand stroked on the body also increased a little, he kissed all the way down,uns c68700, holding her chest towering, with a trace of hunger and thirst, he gnawed her delicate.

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