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Topic: Stealing Love + Author: Zhou Yu

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Stealing Love + Author: Zhou Yu


As soon as Li Xin was pulled by Wu Sen, he staggered and was pulled over. Li Xin's sharp-eyed eyes saw Qi Mo's eyes. He immediately shook off Wu Sen's hand and said in a deep voice, "I know." He walked toward Qi Mo. At this time, Junqi, who was standing in front of the door of the main house, also saw the change of this side. Seeing Lixin coming with a helpless face, he could not help frowning slightly. Before he was ready to say anything, the Cadillac door in front of him suddenly opened. The Red Eagle and the Yellow Eagle were silent and came out in an orderly manner. Junqi and the Red Eagle once met face to face, and when they saw the Red Eagle coming down from the side door, they immediately understood who the person was, and they could not help raising their eyebrows. I saw four doors at the same time down four people, all are very good, but also the whole body temperament cold man, one of them looked sideways at the glass heart coming, slightly raised eyebrows to meet up, although Junqi has not seen the yellow eagle, but the status from the main car, has explained everything. When Junqi saw Huang Ying walking in the direction of Lixin, he frowned. If it was Qi Mo, then Qi Mo's rules and coldness were quite severe. Where would he allow a strange woman to disturb him? Suddenly, his figure flashed, his face showed a smile, and he walked quickly towards Lixin. This young lady, here. "Get out of the way." Lowering his head, the servants on both sides came forward and stopped him. Unexpectedly, before he had finished speaking,316 stainless steel plate, Huang Ying's cold tone interrupted him directly. He immediately looked up at the head of the Fang family standing in front of the main house. The head of the Fang family nodded slightly, and the servants immediately turned sideways and respectfully gave way. Li Xin took a look at the yellow eagle, the cold yellow eagle in the eyes of others, see in her eyes is mixed with malicious and teasing, the moment white yellow eagle one eye, now the mood is so bad, he also came to tease her, really not a good person. Sorry, my arrangement is not thoughtful,316l stainless steel pipe, let my friend disturb you, please forgive me. Jun Qi said as he smiled at Dian Ying and turned sideways in front of Li Xin. Huang Ying immediately raised his eyebrows and glanced at Jun Qi, then glanced at Li Xin, who had been blocked by Jun Qi. The corners of his mouth were slightly raised, and he said nothing. With an elegant smile, Junqi nodded apologetically to Qi Mo, who was still sitting in the car, and said with a smile, "I'm sorry, Master Qi. Please. Father is still waiting for Master Qi. It's rare that Master Qi will come to our house. Don't lose your interest today. My friend took the liberty." As he spoke, he waved his hand slightly behind him to signal the heart of glass to leave, not knowing what was wrong with the heart of glass, and coming up unexpectedly, it was estimated that he really did not know how ruthless and fierce Qi Mo was. Qi Mo coldly glanced at Jun Qi and did not speak. Li Xin, who was blocked by Jun Qi behind him, saw a flash of sulk in Qi Mo's eyes. Suddenly, he laughed. What's going on? When did she want Jun Qi to stand up for her and let him let her go in front of her eldest brother? This is not to make trouble with Qi Mo, but also with her. At that moment, uns s32760 plate ,x52 line pipe, he went out sideways from the side of Junqi, went up to the side of Qi Mo's car, smiled at the cold eyes inside, and then kept his attitude. He opened the door and bowed slightly to Qi Mo. Junqi was frowning when he saw Li Xin's action. He was stunned for a moment. Wu Sen and Xiao Yun, who were standing in the distance, also looked at each other in surprise. The eldest brother The glass heart shouted in a low voice, Qi Mo coldly glanced at the glass heart, slowly walked down from the car. As soon as the nearest Junqi heard this, the color of surprise on his face flashed, and after a short period of surprise, he quickly kept an elegant smile, as if Lixin was Qi Mo's subordinate, which was not so unacceptable to him. Master Qi, welcome, welcome. The middle-aged man standing at the door of the main house saw Qi Mo get out of the car and walked toward Qi Mo with a faint smile. Qi Mo nodded and went up to meet him. "Fang is in charge," he said lightly. "Please." After a brief meeting ceremony, Fang and Qi Mo walked side by side to the main house. Without saying anything, Li Xin followed Qi Mo directly and went in with the Red Eagle. Jun Qi followed behind his father, see Lixin actually followed behind Qi Mo, can not help but pick eyebrows, looked down at Lixin do not know when to pull away a few pieces of wound paste, the ring on the finger immediately let him a stupefied, half-ring wry smile slightly shook his head, but the eyes are blooming more hot light. Wu Sen, who was looking at several people in the distance, took a deep breath and said, "No wonder I think her origin is not simple. She is the sixth person in the Qi family who was promoted a few days ago. Why didn't I think of it? Mu Lixin, what a big background." Xiao Yun pulled the corners of his mouth and said, "Now he has a challenge. Let's go. He has a good iron-blooded temperament." As he spoke, he shivered, and Qi Mo's cold look made him uncomfortable until now. In the main house, Master Qi Mo and Master Fang were seated separately. After tea was served, Fang Xing left the servants in the main house, leaving only Junqi and Lixin behind. Fang Xing, Junqi's father, looked at Master Qi Mo with a polite smile and said, "I know Master Qi is a direct person. I don't want to go around in circles with Master Qi and be polite. I don't know what important things Master Qi has to do this time." Qi Mo nodded and said, "I want to borrow it." Glass heart a look at these two people really direct, a straight to the point of speaking, the other more direct said that the request, not to beat around the Bush, not slightly picked up after the eyebrow, or hold your breath and stand behind Qi Mo, think about how to explain with Qi Mo is the right thing to do later, see how much damage he did not say, but also by Jun Qi that boy interjected a friend. Don't let Qi Mo think that she is to see a friend, regardless of his command to stay, then she will be finished. Fang Xing said with a straight face, "Borrow the way?"? Does Master Qi want to? The words did not finish, but I think Qi Mo should understand that meaning, although others may not understand. Qi Mo nodded slightly, did not answer Fang's words, Fang saw this gently frowned, a little hesitant. Sitting beside Fang Xing, Jun Qiwei concentrated and suddenly looked at Qi Mo with a smile and said, "Master Qi,x60 line pipe, our Fang family doesn't have much contact with the Qi family. This time Master Qi suddenly came to ask us to clear your way with you. This is not a good thing for our family. Business, business, only when there is interest will we invest. This is not a small thing." 。

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