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Topic: Box Sword Congealing Frost

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Box Sword Congealing Frost


"Master Ai, as long as you say you are willing to join the partnership, these food and drinks are yours." Wei San Ye Said with a smile. Ai Wenci ignored it and meditated in the corner of the wall, like an old monk in meditation. Master Ai, don't you think for Qian Hongcai's nine people? Do you have the heart to let them die so cruelly? "Third Master Wei pointed to the people who had fallen down from hunger at the gate and were crying for help." You don't have to waste your tongue. They are your people. Life or death has nothing to do with me. If I don't kill them, it's already a big deal It's time to think about the classics. They do the next to accompany the dead ghost, Ning Wang's minions heard the news, what are the consequences? The fox grieves at the death of the hare, while the thing hurts. Its kind, how to teach people to chill? Are they still willing to work for King Ning, who has no human nature to harm his son? Ha ha ha! I can't get you on the chin. Let more people in to starve to death! He said calmly. Don't you think for yourself? "Death is the only thing that has been difficult through the ages. In the past few years, I have been married to the God of death. Sooner or later, I will get together and talk happily. Even if I die, I will not die." Fear, why fear hunger and thirst? I tell you, it is for my own sake that I have planned to kill you if necessary. I am hungry for human flesh and thirsty for human drink. Blood, can still support three or five days. Ha-ha Qian Hongcai has become a zombie, laboriously kneeling in front of him howling: "Ai Ye, you … …" All right, all right. Please, Answer, say yes. He kicked Qian Dingcai over and said with a sneer, "Be kind. The first person to be slaughtered will be your excellency." Qian Hongcai let out a wild howl and fainted. Because of the exertion on his feet, he suddenly felt a pain in his heart, a spasm in his right leg and right hand, a contraction in his internal organs, and a pain. He had to sweat profusely. Sun Maosheng panted terribly, suddenly opened his strange eyes full of red silk, struggled to stand up, panting as if his head was injured and dying. The beast came at him with open hands. At this moment, he shouted unconsciously: "I know, this …" This is Sun Maosheng rushed at this moment and rushed crazily. He fell back and kicked out with both feet. Sun Maosheng let out a wild cry, fell backwards, just fell on Qian Hongcai's body, turned over, and suddenly hugged Qian Hongcai's big body. Leg, open the mouth that blood becomes crazy, try hard to bite, can find a delicious meal. How can Qian Hongcai stand it? Crazy struggle, two people rolled into a ball, also hugged Sun Maosheng's left leg, a mouth open and close, hard. Take a bite of Sun Maosheng's flesh. Suck the blood from the wound like a wild animal. The two men were so confused that they frantically pounced, hissed and shouted, and launched a terrible struggle. A man with scattered footsteps rushed to Ai Wenci who had just stood up. Ai Wenci grabbed the man, shouted loudly, and tried his best to bring him back. The man could not help but rush forward and hit the iron gate heavily with a "bang", splashing his brains on the stunned Wei San. My face and chest. Wei San Ye was shocked by the horrible scene of Qian and Sun biting each other, and his brains splashed. He was so frightened that he let out a sharp cry and turned his head. He ran into two servants, and the food was scattered all over the floor, and the cups and plates were all broken. As if seeing a ghost, the two servants got up and fled desperately. Ai Wenci sat down again with a strange expression. He covered his face with his hands and said to himself painfully, "I have found the poison in my body, but What if I can't get out? He was so confused that it was not until the evening that he made up his mind and said, inflatable water slide , "I am not a real man. I don't care whether I keep it or not." "The letter is very important. Life is very important. Promise them tomorrow and go out." People, in addition to those truly loyal martyrs, ancient sages and sages, no one can be willing to ruin their precious lives, the vast majority. Some people, all hold the attitude that a good death is better than a bad life, to face the cruel life, shame, humiliation, grievance and perfection, but to preserve the nature. Life. He, Ai Wenci, was already a criminal of the imperial court. He was notorious. When he died, who was he loyal to? Keep the chastity for whom? If he keeps his word, I'm afraid There are a hundred lives also lost to die, the real man does not lightly promise, it must not lightly promise the conditions and environment, otherwise it is self-deception. Deceive people. The other side of the conditions are not harsh, as long as he promised the gang can be safe, in order to live, he considered the promise. However, there was a change that night. Because Qian and Sun could not bear hunger and thirst, they killed each other, and what he said to Third Master Wei did carry weight. To force him a gang, and have the heart to put nine trusted minions to death, the consequences are indeed very serious, to avoid the death of the fox sorrow, things hurt it. Class, other minions, how can not chill? It would be strange not to make other plans. All was quiet, and from time to time there was a slight sound of footsteps at the gate and at the window as the police sentries moved. The heat in the room has not disappeared, and there is no light. There are three dead people, and the blood is evil. The other six people fainted, just him. One is sober. He was limp and lost all his strength. "Poof!" The sound came softly from outside the gate. It's the sound of punching the human body. Zhongyuan Yijian and several friends searched almost every possible hiding place in Ji'an City and separately monitored several old medicines. Shop, can not get any news, is anxious like ants on a hot pan. With the help of Ai Wenci in Shandong, Sihai Kuangsheng, who had saved his life, also sent out all his friends to arrest the imperial criminal Ai Wen. Mercy, the reward of two thousand taels of silver is worth the risk. That night at the Hundred Flowers Pavilion, Sihai Kuangsheng and seven friends sat on the rope to Tu Wu Zhizhong. Liu Liu, the minion of King Ning, Liu Xu, a poisonous dragon, stopped him. Ai Wenci warned him in danger. Liu Xu, a poisonous dragon, saved Sihai Kuangsheng. Without leaving a name, Sihai Kuangsheng did not know that the person who saved him was Ai Yici. No wonder they had been in front of each other in a hotel, but they did not know their identities. Although the government was ordered to re-give Ai Wenci's graphic public notice, it was not enthusiastic about capturing Ai Wenci and did not have any hope. Just gobbledygook. There was a strange sound, and Ai Wenci's heart moved, guessing that a sword from the Central Plains had arrived. Quickly strong spirit slowly stand up, pull out the dagger. First alert. Sure enough, the white shadow of the gate flashed, "chirp" a light sound, white shadow with an invincible sword, cut off two. "Come out,Inflatable outdoor park, brother Ai," the iron bar cried in a low voice. He was so overjoyed that he forced his true strength to rush to the broken gate and shouted in a low voice, "Is that Brother Ge?" "Come out and talk about it. It's important to get away." 。

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