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Topic: Gr.5 | Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy Chemical Composition _ Medium

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Gr.5 | Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy Chemical Composition _ Medium


Original Title: Gr.5 | Chemical Composition of Ti-6Al-4V Titanium Alloy Gr.5 | Ti-6Al-4V belongs to American standard titanium alloy, executive standard: AMS 4911H, MIL-T-9046J, ASTM B265, AS ME SB265, DMS1592F, GB/T 3621 Gr.5 | Ti-6Al-4V chemical composition: Ti (balance),ti6al4v eli, N (N) ≤ 0.05, C (C) ≤ 0.08, H (H) ≤ 0.015,titanium tubing price, Fe (Fe) ≤ 0.40, O (O) ≤ 0.20, Al (5.5-6.75), V (V) 3.5-4.5 Physical properties of Gr.5 | Ti-6Al-4V: 1. Small deformation coefficient: This is the remarkable feature of TC4 titanium alloy cutting, and the deformation coefficient is less than or close to 1. The sliding friction path of the chip on the rake face is greatly increased, ti6al4v eli ,titanium filler rod, and the tool wear is accelerated. 2. High cutting temperature: As the thermal conductivity of titanium alloy is very small (only equivalent to 1/5 ~ 1/7 of No.45 steel), the contact length between the chip and the rake face is very short, and the heat generated during cutting is not easy to spread out, which is concentrated in a small range near the cutting area and cutting edge, so the cutting temperature is very high. Under the same cutting conditions, the cutting temperature can be more than twice as high as that of 45 steel. 3. The cutting force per unit area is large: the main cutting force is about 20% smaller than that when cutting steel. Because the contact length between the chip and the rake face is very short, the cutting force per unit contact area is greatly increased, which is easy to cause chipping. Gr.5 | Ti-6Al-4V mechanical property: tensile strength: σb ≥ 895Mpa, yield strength σb ≥ 828 Mpa σ: elongation: δ ≥ 10%. Gr.5 | Ti-6Al-4V corrosion resistance: Although titanium alloy is very active, with low equilibrium potential and high thermodynamic corrosion tendency in the medium, it is actually very stable in many media, such as oxidizing, neutral and weak reducing media. This is because titanium and oxygen have a great affinity. In the air or oxygen-containing medium, a dense, strong adhesion and inert oxide film is formed on the surface of titanium, which protects the titanium substrate from corrosion. Even if due to mechanical wear, it will heal or regenerate quickly. Gr.5 | Ti-6Al-4V Applications: aerospace, oil drilling, chemical equipment,titanium sheet grade 5, sporting goods, marine vessels, etc. Gr.5 | Ti-6Al-4V matching welding material: ERTi-5 Return to Sohu to see more Responsible Editor:.

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