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Topic: Bewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha

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Bewitching in Miaojiang _ Nanwu Kasaya Science Buddha


In fact, the man's heart is also very weak, can not bear things, a threat to confess everything-he said that he did everything, but according to the interrogation records, the woman also participated in most of the killing process. I smiled and said that the woman was really a great guy. She brushed her clothes away and hid her merits and fame. Well, what's her name? Officer Ouyang replied, "Wang Shanqing." In the middle of August, my cousin Xiaojing decided to come to the south earlier and come to my place for a few days. She took the train from Jinping to Jingxian County in southern Hunan, and then took the train from Dazhou in Xichuan to Nanfang City. It took more than a day to arrive at Nanfang Railway Station. I can't move easily, so I asked Xiaojun to pick her up. Hongshan University has several campuses in Nanfang Province, and the School of Public Health where she was going to study was in Nanfang City. However, it was still early to start school, so she first took Dongguan to play for a few days, but there was no place to live, so she put it in Shirley's place. But I know, now that Xiaojing has come, I need to deal with it well and not let my mother know. WWW.xiAosHuoTXT.comxiaoshuotxt。 com Chapter 544 shooting. Sure enough,heavy duty racking system, when Xiao Jing saw me sitting in a wheelchair, she couldn't help but turn pale with fright and asked what was going on? Because it was not convenient for me to talk about my work in the Religious Affairs Bureau, I only said that I had a car accident and injured my legs and feet, but it didn't matter. A few months have passed, and now I am in the recovery period, and I will be able to stand up soon. Xiaojing was full of joy to come to play, but did not think I became a disabled person in a wheelchair,radio shuttle racking, immediately a little sad, do not know what to say, embarrassed. I comforted her and asked her not to tell my parents. Xiaojing was a person who had no idea. Seeing that I was serious, she nodded and said yes. No wonder she didn't go back to drink her entrance wine last time. It turned out that this was the case. But this worry is only a little bit, that night I asked Lao Wan to help book a famous seafood hotel in Dongguan, to help her welcome the wind and wash away the dust, which is also a supplementary wine. To tell you the truth, it is really worth celebrating to be admitted to such a good university after half a year of study. I did not call too many people, Lao Wan, Xiaojun and Shaomao Xiaodao, the girls only called Shirley, are very familiar friends. Xiaojing is a girl who has never seen the world. Seeing this luxurious scene, she was a little flustered. She quietly pulled me to ask how much the meal would cost and said something that made people laugh. The atmosphere in the field was very good. Lao Wan was familiar with the south. He said that he would send Xiao Jing to the school. Everything was done by him. My uncle has two children. Although the eldest, pipe cantilever rack ,Pallet rack beams, Lu Hua, was admitted to an ordinary second university in Ludong, he was not a fuel-efficient lamp. Sometimes he was conceited and sometimes he felt inferior. He always asked for money from his family, which made my uncle very poor. Xiao Jing went to work at the beginning, partly because she wanted to raise tuition fees for her brother; Later, I brought Xiaojing back to Jinping from Jiangcheng, and then asked Yang Yu to send her to No.1 Middle School of the city to study. The expenses were all taken from me, and the university expenses were naturally paid by me. Although my uncle said again and again that Xiaojing would return the fee to me in the future, I didn't care very much. In fact, my heart is very satisfied, without me, Xiaojing may be a very ordinary piecework worker in the sweatshop, the biggest expectation every day is to go to the nearby street to rent a few large pirated novels, to enrich their empty spiritual world, and then muddle through a few love affairs, and then go home to marry; Now, she is full of vigor and vitality, ready to enter the first-class universities in the country, with a bright future-although she did not know how much sweat she had paid behind her back. As the person who changed Xiaojing's fate, I also have a strong sense of pride. As I said before, I don't have too many high pursuits. I just hope that the people around me, who care about me and who I care about, will live better and better. This is my own definition of success. During the dinner, I found that Duoduo, who was sitting in the corner sucking the taste of cream ice cream, was not in high spirits. Her eyes at Xiaojing, Xue Rui and Xiaoyao were filled with the direct envy of children. I looked at her big expectant eyes and felt a pain in my heart. Two years later, my promise to this little girl has not been fulfilled, and I have not been able to let her walk freely in the sun. You know, this was the goal I set for myself at the beginning, and I kept moving forward. But what am I doing these days? Everything is transferred because of the people around me, and Duoduo gradually fades out of my most urgent concern. In my mind, I can't help recalling the happiness of getting a treasure when I first met Duoduo. Although the body of ghosts and demons is fierce, it is not the right way after all. I can't help but make up my mind again. After the recovery of the injury, I must inquire in many ways to see if I can let Duoduo recover. After the reception banquet, I sent Xiaojing to stay at Shirley's place. It was also my first time to go there. I felt that the actual scene was more comfortable than the photos, but it was still like the style of a greenhouse. Shaomao Xiaodao had already moved in and pulled me to walk around the large duplex of nearly 200 ping. He said that considering the inconvenience of your legs and feet, we had specially reserved a downstairs room for you. Do you think it's all right? I complained that I didn't say I wanted to live here. You made me homeless. How dare you say that? But when I saw the layout of the room, I didn't have enough confidence to say that. In the next few days, things in the office were no longer so busy, so I took Xiaojing to several scenic spots to play for a while,Warehouse storage racks, not very deliberately, just to breathe fresh air in nature, which was also a very pleasant thing.

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