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Topic: Tales of Floating Life (Complete) 2

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Tales of Floating Life (Complete) 2


"You'd better give up the idea of peeking." I gave them a white look, raised my eyebrows and said, "Otherwise, I will follow the example of my kind and put a curse in your food to make you illiterate for the rest of your life." The fat man and the thin man looked at each other and whispered, "We don't seem to know many words.." The moon curved into a white tooth in the sky, and the cool silver glow gently enveloped the courtyard at night. Why do I feel that this ginkgo suddenly becomes better? The leaves are much more and much greener. It still looks like you're going to die during the day. The fat man pointed to the once dispirited ginkgo tree and said loudly. It really is. "" The thin man wandered around under the tree for a long time, then suddenly pointed to the tree and shouted: "Look there, the result turned out!"! Isn't it time for the result? "Then.." Can we make ginkgo stewed chicken in advance? The fat man began to drool. "That woman is really a ginkgo, but she stayed in our shop for a long time, and even this broken tree has borne fruit." "I'm going to hit the ginkgo with a pole." The thin man disappeared in a flash. I stood under the tree, patted the rough trunk, and said to myself: "Kill her as medicine, the so-called longevity, will become endless loneliness and sadness.." If there are people around you who are good to you, you will live forever in an instant. Can be firmly held in the heart, never forget, die is also immortal. Liang Yudong probably thought so in the end. "Madam, we are going to have a day of disaster." The fat man sneaked up behind me and looked greedily at the booklet in my hand. There must be a way to talk about how our people get through the robbery. "You're still a long way from that." I glanced at him. "However, I suggest you lose weight so that you can run faster when the thunder cuts you." "Attacking other people's physical defects." The fat man bit his finger and squatted in the corner with grievance. Fat man's appearance, let me suddenly think of the last white cat, she is the smartest, much smarter than Liang Yudong, at least know how to make oneself hate a Liao from the beginning, refuse all her good intentions, in the future when eating ginkgo, will not be unable to bear. But, after all, I can't bear it. She had hundreds of chances to kill Ryo. Liang Yudong, Mo Bai, no one can live forever. But they survived longer than anyone else-in the heart of an illiterate, somewhat clumsy woman named a Liao. Epilogue Fat people and thin people are busy in the kitchen, and the smell of cream and powdered sugar is everywhere in the "non-stop dessert shop". Can't you really find him? "Where can I find it?"? Spinulosa, you should not know better than anyone else, the monster who can not survive the disaster, there is only a dead end. Leave a corpse in the world at most. Since the other side is a tree demon, then you go to his hometown to look for his body, take it to make a chair stool or something as a souvenir. "Jiu Jue, your mouth doesn't have to be so poisonous, does it?"? I'm just asking! I hung up the phone sullenly, and I whipped the fart man on the other end of the phone a hundred times in my heart. I admit that I have imagined that Liang Yudong is still alive, just like the plot of a soap opera, Pallet rack upright , when he is dying, he meets a superior or a secret and survives the disaster. The purity and desire in a Liao's eyes made me emotional and want to help her. But it's just a fantasy with a short circuit in the mind. A Liao's future happiness can only be accomplished by her alone. I took a deep breath, stretched and walked out of the room, humming an old and corny song- "I wish you peace". The computer on the desk forgot to turn off, and on the web page was a brief introduction: "Wang Wei, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, lived in seclusion in Wangchuan in his later years. It is said that he planted a ginkgo tree with his own hands." In the center of the web page with a ginkgo tree as the background, there are two lines of regular script: Apricot cut for beam, citronella knot for Yu. Do not know the clouds in the building, go to make the rain in the world. Wangchuan Collection by Wang Wei of the Tang Dynasty. Wen Xing Guan 》 Floating Life Story · Fish Love (1) Wedge I was threatened! As a magnificent thousand-year-old tree demon. The man on the other side of the table, with fine skin and tender flesh and beautiful features, tilted his head and stared at me like an uncle. His slanting bangs covered half of his eyes, and his face was cold and arrogant, keeping people away. Unfortunately, the black high school uniform betrayed his pseudo-maturity. Find me the cleanest water in the world. "Ten minutes ago, he looked at my dessert shop named" Non-stop ", with only disdain in his beautiful eyes." If you can find it, I'll give you ten more stores besides the reward, each of which is ten times more luxurious than this small shop now. " "Can't you find it?" I folded my legs gracefully, blew a piece of tea floating on the green tea, and blackened the belly of this little P child who did not know the depth of heaven and earth. I'll tear down your shop. He picked up the taro milk cake on the plate, frowned, sniffed it, and threw it back. When I say "see you off!" When the two words expressed the greatness of the shopkeeper's "wealth can not be licentious, power can not be bent", my employees and security guards, fat and thin, were drooling around the Maserati parked in front of the shop. The thin man also took out his calculator and focused on estimating how long it would take him to afford the car on his salary. I shouted the two disgraced guys back into the kitchen. The message I received is that you like money more than anything else. He turned a deaf ear to the order to leave and looked up at me. "You have no reason to refuse." Finally, he took a sip of the tea I made for him, frowned obviously, wanted to spit it out, forced himself to swallow it, and sneered bravely, "There is nothing we can't do in our family.". You should know that. I also sneered and sniffed. I know his name is Cang Tongkai. Of course, I also know the details of Cang Tong's family. But, so what? It is wrong to threaten a senior monster. Young people always like to make such mistakes. I like money, but I don't like you. So, there's the door. I got up and left, and my back was absolutely. Kid, compare your personality with me?! I suddenly heard a dull sound behind me. Looking back, Cang Tongkai actually knelt on one knee on the ground. Please save her. In the humble begging, it is clearly the patience of compromise. On the table separating me from him, besides teacups and cakes, there was a small fish tank. In the clear glass, a white fish, shaking its lace-like fins and tail, swam slowly.

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