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This is a super member club in Yanjing City. The minimum standard for customers who come here is that they are worth more than 1 billion yuan or their immediate relatives are at least at the vice-ministerial level or above, and they must have members who have joined the club to guarantee, because the consumption here is not comparable to any entertainment place, even the hottest club in heaven and earth some time ago. It is simply nothing, in heaven and earth, casually spend hundreds of thousands of yuan, what kind of young lady can start, even the top young lady is no exception, but here, hundreds of thousands is only the lowest price, or even just the appearance fee of the young lady here, because the young lady here is not ordinary people. Many people are familiar with those beautiful movie stars on TV and in movies. They often come here to earn a little pocket money part-time. If they meet a rich man who is more generous, they will earn millions of yuan a night, which is much better than acting hard and hard, because even the more popular actresses at present. The salary for shooting a TV series is only two or three hundred thousand yuan. If the second-tier or third-tier actors only have hundreds of thousands, tens of thousands or even thousands of yuan, here is a gold selling cave, a gentle village, where many dignitaries live and die in a dream,Carbon in Pulp, where many beautiful stars with dazzling halo are corrupt and degenerate, here is an out-and-out "fairyland for others". The three of them walked into the gate, passed through a revolving door, and entered a resplendent hall. Suddenly, their eyes brightened. Inside the hall, twenty greeters wearing sexy low-cut and high-slit cheongsams said in unison with a smile on their faces: "Welcome!" If people who had never seen the world walked in here, just one of the twenty greeters would be enough to satisfy them, but the three of them didn't even look at the greeters. At most,small gold wash plant, they just looked at their bulging breasts for a few seconds, then went straight to the elevator and took out their membership cards. The elevator goes directly to the 5th floor, because according to the authority of their membership card, they can only reach the 5th floor, and they can enter the places below the 5th floor at will, but no one can enter the places above the fifth floor without the membership card with the corresponding authority. The level of membership card is a symbol of identity and strength. As the three of them walked along, Song Xiangming said with a smile, "Brother Qi and Brother Cao, we invite you here today. One is to welcome you to regain your freedom, and the other is to introduce you to someone." After hearing this, Qi Haiping was stupefied and said with a smile, "Old Song, I can understand that you will give us a welcome party, gold heap leaching ,Carbon in Pulp, but I really want to know who you will introduce to me."? Who is worthy of our brothers to see him? Cao Jinyang also nodded and said, "Yes, Song Laodi, there are not many people in China who are worthy of your personal recommendation." But Song Xiangming shook his head with a smile and said, "Two elder brothers, you are wrong about this. Apart from anything else, just from the membership card, the highest level of our membership card is only level 5. But the membership card level here has reached level 9. Think about it, where will it be above level 5?"? Especially the ninth level, I really want to know, what level of people will be received there? How luxurious will the decoration inside be, and what level will the reception lady inside be? You know, on the fifth floor alone, it is said that the investment in decoration alone has reached 300 million yuan, and the reception ladies on this floor are all female stars of Zhang Ziyi and Fan Bingbing level, I think we still need to work hard! As for the person I said I would introduce to you, he is not even qualified to come to our fifth floor, but his status is quite special. I made an exception to help him get a membership card for the fifth floor. Guess who he is? Qi Haiping and Cao Jinyang all shook their heads, "Song Laodi, don't beat around the Bush, or take us to see first!" During the conversation, several people walked into the 508 private room under the arrangement of a super beautiful welcome lady on the fifth floor. As the door opened, a man stood up in the private room. Qi Haiping and Cao Jinyang looked at the man. Suddenly, both of them were stupefied. Then they frowned at the same time. Cao Jinyang said with displeasure on his face: "Brother Song, the man you said is Hongke. You should know that he is Liu Fei's man, and his Hongke Group has Liu Fei's shares in it." Hong Ke did not show any expression from beginning to end, but stood there calmly, showing the style of the chairman of a large group. Song Xiangming smiled softly and went over to put his arm around Hongke's shoulder and said, "Two brothers, I announce that from today on, Hongke and Liu Fei are no longer the people of our three alliances." But Cao Jinyang shook his head vigorously and said, "Brother Song, you won't burn it out. I know that Hong Ke is Liu Fei's direct descendant and best friend. He can't be sentenced to Liu Fei at all. Aren't you afraid that he's playing Infernal Affairs?" With a confident look on his face, Song Xiangming said lightly, "Others may, but he won't.". Because soon, Hongke Group will become our three, no, it should be said that it is the group of our four alliances. This time, I call you here for another purpose, that is, I hope to pull you into the new Hongke Group. We four join hands to drive Liu Fei out of Hongke Group, and take advantage of this opportunity to make a big profit. According to my conservative estimate, as long as we can cooperate successfully,chrome washing machine, each person can earn at least 1 billion! Let's see if you dare to play with brother Qi and brother Cao. Cao Jinyang looked at Song Xiangming and then looked at Hong Ke. He hesitated and said, "Brother Song, don't tell lies in front of celebrities. We just want to know why Hong Ke betrayed Liu Fei." 。

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