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Topic: Girl client

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Girl client


Last Friday. I went to Mr. Makabe's company to tell him about Akiko and my husband. At that time, I took the photos with me. At that time, he said he would solve the problem in his own way, so he took all the photos. "Didn't Mr. Makabe know about this before you told him?" "Yes.". I do not know "Was he angry at that time?" "This.." Perhaps he is a man who does not show his feelings easily. Knowing the truth, what exactly does Makoto Koichi want to do? The village's hands clasped together. He said to himself, and from what Qiu Zi had said, it seemed that he had not questioned his wife. Madam, what have you done since you knew your husband was having an affair? "No, I think I'll let Mr. Makabe handle it." "Under the circumstances he invited your husband to play golf-didn't you expect anything to happen?" "Yes." Fumiko said with certainty. I think they were the only two who asked him about it when they were playing. The village feels that this explanation is reasonable, but there should be more ideas. After that, Komura asked if there was anything unusual about Satoshi Abe recently, and Fumiko said that he didn't seem to realize that his wife had found out that he was having an affair, so it was no different from usual. After listening to Fumiko's words, two police officers, Komura and Muto, went to the hotel again. Because Akiko Makoto is staying there tonight. The outline of the case has gradually become clear. While waiting in the hall for Akiko Makoto,gold cil machine, Komura said to Muto, "Now that we know that Akiko has an affair with Satoshi Abe, the development of the case seems to be somewhat reasonable.". Nine times out of ten, the criminal is a real pot. "Is he going to kill Akiko and Satsuo?" "I think so." Will the case be as simple as the initial intuition? The village stretched its legs forward. I thought about it in my heart. However, the next investigation is not as simple as imagined. That I'm having an affair with Satsuo? What a joke 。” When she was told that this was what Fumiko had said, Akiko's eyes turned up and she denied it. Although the small village police officer has already had the mental preparation that she will certainly deny, but the performance of the real pot Qiu Zi in front of them really surprised the small village. But Fumiko said so clearly. She also commissioned detectives to investigate the whereabouts of Abe Satoshi and took pictures of you when you arrived at the love hotel. "There must be some mistake." As if he had changed his head, he was quite different from Qiu Zi in the daytime. Fumiko is always Fumiko. If that's the case, let her confront her face to face. "We said there might be a mistake, coltan ore processing ,Portable gold trommel, but she said there was a picture to prove it." "No, when did she say the picture was taken?" "Last Wednesday." Satoshi Abe always goes on a date on Wednesdays, which Officer Komura has also heard Fumiko say. Last Wednesday? Just a moment, please 。” Qiu Zi frowned and thought seriously about that day. The small village police officer also felt this. After a while, Qiu Zi turned his face and looked at the criminal policeman, as if he had straightened his chest a little. I said it's impossible. At our high school reunion that day, I had been with everyone since the evening. Class reunion? Is that true? ?” "Of course it's true." Xiao Cun was about to say "I'm sorry" when he was pushed back by Qiu Zi's keen eyes. Komura and Muto looked at each other. Who's telling the truth? "I see.". We'll make sure. Said the village and Qiu Zi to come that day to attend the reunion of some people's list and phone number. Qiu Zi is still a little unhappy. But anyway, Fumiko told Mr. Makabe that you had an affair with Satoshi Abe. So, I'm sure you're aware of some unusual behavior on your husband's part. The village said as it closed its notebook. I can't know what my husband's misunderstanding is. But until this trip, I didn't think he was any different. "Is it?" Komura looked at Muto's face again. Then he sighed softly. Somehow a sense of foreboding crossed the mind of the criminal policeman. On the third day after the incident, Komura and Muto went to Tokyo. First of all, they wanted to find the woman who had attended the reunion that day and had been with Akiko. Her name was Yamamoto Mako. She ran a beauty salon. Well, yeah, I was with Qiu Zi all the time that day. Everyone was together from six o'clock in the evening to ten o'clock in the evening. Because Qiu Zi and I used to be very good at drinking, and we drank to the end that day, and we were always together. So, what happened to her? For the sake of caution, the two policemen called several other people who attended the reunion, and everyone proved that Qiu Zi was indeed with everyone at that time. This means that the woman in the photo with Satoshi Abe is not Akiko. Then the detectives met with the detective club at a coffee shop near Fumiko Abe's house. Detectives have been in touch with Fumiko in the past few days, but she hasn't been at home. One minute before the appointed time, the detectives appeared, two men and women dressed in black. Just look at it and you can feel different from ordinary people. Officer Komura explained the situation to the detectives, stressing the need for them to assist in the investigation. Detectives said they could assist the police investigation as long as the client agreed. Last Monday, Fumiko Abe commissioned you to investigate her husband's actions, right? "That's right." "The detective answered, in a stiff voice without cadence." The investigation was terminated on Thursday. The detective explained Satoshi's actions that Wednesday. It's basically the same as what Fumiko said. Is there no picture? "Well, because at that time she said she wanted all the negatives, so she gave them all to her." The village nodded to show that he understood,coltan ore processing, and then took out several photos from his pocket, one of which was a picture of Qiu Zi, and the others were pictures of some unrelated women. Is the woman who is related to Satsuo in here.

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