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Topic: Cao San Shao Edition Bad Guy 3 (Bad Guy 3 Bar)

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Cao San Shao Edition Bad Guy 3 (Bad Guy 3 Bar)


With the test just now, he was 100% sure: "Brother Dong, that brother is right. This man is really not simple. My action just now was made by him secretly.". I have seen this kind of move in Mochizuki Pavilion before. It seems to be called "Eighteen Styles". It was created by Ip Man, a modern martial artist. I've only learned a few things. "Ip Man?"? Isn't that a Wing Chun practitioner? Li Shuangdao. Chu Bo nodded his head and said that he was right: "Everyone knows that Wing Chun was carried forward by Ip Man, but very few people know that before that, he also created such a set of boxing.". I've seen a brother practice it, and he's very overbearing. Hearing Chu Bo's praise for the enemy,Serum Bottle With Dropper, Li Shuang lost face. He said in a loud voice, "We don't need to encourage others and destroy ourselves.". No matter how high your kungfu is, you're afraid of kitchen knives. Li Shuang's fearless appearance was liked by Xie Wendong. Xie Wendong stood up and said,Glass Cosmestic Containers, "It's just a defeated general. If I can defeat him twice, I can defeat him three times, four times, and there were so many masters of the ten sharp knives before. What happened later? Those who died were injured." Xie Wendong's words greatly saved Li Shuang's face. Li Shuang raised his face, although he did not say anything. But the word "happy" was written on his face, Blue Bottle Serum ,Oil Dropper Bottle, and the expression seemed to say, "Look, I'm right, even Brother Dong agrees with me." 。 Without any more nonsense, Xie Wendong went straight to the point: "Have we ever subdued the people of Fei Hongmen?"? It's better to be a cadre of the other side and understand Chinese. "What's the use of asking this?" Li Shuang asked with a big head. I want to sacrifice to heaven! Xie Wendong said mysteriously. Sacrifice to heaven? The people present said in chorus. Xie Wendong did not say anything, the brothers did not ask again, they also know Dongge's temper, if he wants to say something, do not need to be reminded, he will say it. On the other hand, if he doesn't want to say it, it's useless for you to break your lips. Countless big question marks rose in Li Shuang's heart. He turned around and looked at the blue sky outside the door. He said to himself, "Sacrifice to Heaven?"? What is the situation? Xie Wendong waved his hand, "find me some people like that. I have an urgent need." "Yes!"! Brother Dong. Although Tian Qi could not guess the mystery of Xie Wendong, they still did what he said. However, in the eyes of the brothers, offering sacrifices to heaven is just an excuse. What Brother Dong really wants to do is to clear the way. But no one knows how Dongge is going to sacrifice them to heaven. It was not long before a very thin man was brought in. [Gan Kun Dun Bian] Chapter 77 The First Form of Deception "Brother Dong, the Chinese name of this brother is Cheng Xiaolong.". At first,30ml Dropper Bottle, he was a small leader of Hongmen in the Philippines, but later he was captured and defected to us. He has rendered meritorious service many times, and loyalty is not a problem. Tian Qi attached his ear to introduce Xie W Dong.

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