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Topic: Prehistoric World Leader Tongtian

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Prehistoric World Leader Tongtian


Having decided, Chonghou Hu immediately put on a smile like a wolf grandmother. "I've heard that Quanzhong's good nephew is the first warrior in Yizhou. Well, he is the first warrior among the eight hundred governors in Beizhen.". However, the opposite of the Nangongshi is more intrepid, known as the first warrior of Xiqi, really has the courage of ten thousand men. I wonder if my good nephew has the guts to go up and compete with Nangongshi, the first warrior in Xiqi? If the good nephew dare not, although the words is, the Marquis will never cure the crime of the good nephew afraid of war. When he said the last half of the sentence, Chonghou Hu also deliberately glanced at Hou Suhu of Yizhou, who was preparing to speak. This ***ing red guy! What does this mean? You said that you would not punish my son for his fear of war. Could it be that the implication was that if Ben Hou advised his son not to fight, he would not punish Ben Hou? In this officialdom long climb and roll more than 20 towering, although Su Hu seems to be upright, but in fact this belly inside the winding can be a lot. As a veteran of officialdom, Su Hu naturally knows that the leader's speech is probably full of profound meaning. If the younger brother could not understand the deep meaning of the leader's speech, he would have to spend his whole life as a chief soldier in the kitchen squad of the artillery company. If he could understand the leader's intention in time, it would be possible, not to mention moving three times a day, even if it was moving eight times a day. On the one hand, he pondered the deep meaning of Chonghou Hu's words. Su Hu also hesitated in the bottom of his heart, personal future is important, that is beyond doubt! However, Su Quanzhong that silly boy, but his own son ah! And the Nangongshi on the opposite side is obviously not a good person. It seems that there is also an inexplicable force involved. That silly boy in his own family, if he rushes up so foolishly, it is estimated that even if there are ten or eight lives, it is not enough to take it in, right? But when Su Hu was in a dilemma and could not choose,Foam Pump Bottles Wholesale, Su Quanzhong had already urged his horse, waving his halberd and rushed straight to Nangong. As the saying goes, there is no first in literature and no second in martial arts. As the most valiant general in Yizhou City, Su Quanzhong has considerable confidence in his own force value. Therefore, often hear people praise himself as the first warrior in Yizhou, although verbally modest, but in fact, the tail, has long been sticking up to the sky. Now again by Chonghou tiger so a hold, nature is more elated. Unexpectedly,30ml dropper bottle, before Su Quanzhong heard it, Chonghou Hu praised Nangongshi again, and Su Quanzhong was not happy at once. Then by Chonghou Hu such a provocation, Su Quanzhong immediately full of anger. Lao Tzu is the first warrior in Beizhen. You, Nangongshi, just rule the roost in Xiqi, where the fart is a little bigger. You dare to show off in front of Lao Tzu! If I don't come out to punish you, you don't know why the flowers are so red! Thinking bitterly in his heart, Su Quanzhong waved Fang Tianji straight to Nangongshi. However, accidents always happen in an unconventional form when they are unexpected. This is not, Su Quanzhong aggressive, both sides of the soldiers also thought there would be a fierce battle, even if not play a thousand rounds, how to fight on the eight hundred meeting is not? Otherwise, how can we live up to the title of the first brave of their respective tribes? "This is a master!" From the momentum, Nangongshi judged that Su Quanzhong's force value seemed to be not under his own, so he also grasped the steel knife in his hand, like a hawk's eyes firmly locked on Su Quanzhong's shoulder, ready to fight with the other side at any time. Ten, eight, cosmetic packaging wholesale ,oil dropper bottle, five, four, three, two! Silently calculating the distance between the two sides, seeing that the next moment is about to enter the attack range, Nangong Shi fiercely raised his hand to raise the steel knife, ready to give this Su Quanzhong a head knife. At this time, "bang" a muffled sound came out, somehow, Su Quanzhong crotch horse, unexpectedly from fast instant to static, that feeling, as if hit on an invisible wall in general, the whole horse's neck, were instantly broken. Su Quanzhong, who was on the horse, was defenseless and immediately became a trapeze artist. A cannonball fired a beautiful parabola and hit the loess ground straight. "Bang!". There was a muffled sound, which splashed the smoke and dust of Zhang Xu. "Ah!"! How could this happen? The soldiers on both sides, who were watching intently, were stunned. Moments later, before everyone came to their senses, an almost hoarse shout spread all over the battlefield in an instant, "Heaven estimates Xiqi, everyone kill me severely!" If you want to know how the funeral, please visit the muscle, more chapters, support the author, support genuine reading! Vertical and horizontal book sea, words, big and beautiful, protect your eyes. [Chapter 465 Unfathomable Providence] Vertical and horizontal book sea word big good-looking protect your eyes fruit said heaven that the biggest official three generations, jade Zhuo emperor, Haotian Xiaozhang have, ridicule, table the words of providence, then, today's situation, really can be called the day estimates Xiqi. (.01616book.) Originally after the rest of the North Bo Hou army repeatedly ravaged, the army of Xiqi soldiers were reduced by nearly a quarter, the morale was extremely low, military commanders were also killed in battle, captured captured, more than half of the damage, to common sense, whether it is military commanders single combat, or soldiers in a group fight, Xiqi is not possible to win. However, not everything can be inferred by common sense. The battle between the two armies, first Su Hu under the power of the person, nostrils can spray white Zheng Lun, inexplicable defeat was captured; then, the so-called wing state first warrior Su Quanzhong, also strange fall, fell a seven meat and eight vegetables, do not know whether to live or die, even that on the ground to do a corpse-like body, but also by which eye disease quick Xiqi soldiers grabbed the past. But then, the west side of the qi with two wins in a row, launched a surprise attack on the north Bohou side. The number of soldiers on both sides this time is probably the same, the equipment is almost the same, the degree of sergeant training is also similar,Empty Glass Foundation Bottle, although the morale of Xiqi is slightly higher, but the morale of the soldiers belonging to North Bohou is not low, and the number of military commanders in North Bohou. It seems to be far more than Xiqi.

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