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Topic: Saint of the God of Gamblers Reborn

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Saint of the God of Gamblers Reborn


"Excuse me!" Zhou Yuning patted the man in front of him. The man just looked at Zhou Yuning out of the corner of his eye and didn't say anything, so he dodged a small crack. Zhou Yuning was glad that he had a good figure. A small crack could satisfy his little wish. He could see the sunrise smoothly. It was great. It was his first time to see the sunrise! "Kim Berlin, come here quickly!" Zhou Yuning also occupied a place for Jin Bolin and asked him to come quickly. But as soon as Jin Bolin approached, the man actually moved to a side. It seemed that he was intentionally hiding from himself, which made Jin Bolin feel a little wrong. He must be a familiar person. But now he accompanies Zhou Yuning to watch the sunrise, so Jin Berlin didn't pay much attention to the man. Finally saw the sunrise, the sky is filled with rosy clouds, like a fairy down to earth as magnificent ah, the sun may be a fairy ah, every time it comes to the world, it will be filled with a mysterious color, so that people's legends are more imaginative, see the sun a little bit rising from the sea level, Zhou Yuning's heart is particularly excited. It's a pity that there is no video recorder. Many people have filmed the whole process of sunrise, which is very exciting. When the sunrise is over, everyone will be scattered. Zhou Yuning, have you noticed that the man looks familiar? Jin Berlin pointed out to Zhou Yuning that he thought the back of the familiar person was just that the person was getting farther and farther away. Who is it? I don't see it. You must be wrong! Who could it be here? Zhou Yuning did not feel anything special, perhaps Jin Berlin is too sensitive to the appearance of it,Heme Iron Polypeptide, the back looks like a lot of people, a back can see what ah. Oh, forget it! If there is fate, we will meet again! Kim Berlin then swallowed the second half of the sentence back, also did not go on, but always feel that the person seems to look familiar, but is not sure ah,Kava Root Extract, because did not see the face ah. College Life Chapter 30 Questioning Chapter 30 questioning At daybreak, there were more and more people on the beach, and some vendors began to set up stalls. Smelling the fragrance, Zhou Yuning felt that his stomach began to protest again. He didn't eat well last night. Now his stomach began to be naughty again. Zhou Yuning stroked his stomach and put one hand into his pants pocket. How could he not bring a penny? Is it difficult to make himself hungry. Jin Berlin saw Zhou Yuning's mind, so he took out the money to order a few dishes, two sat down and began to eat, this time thanks to Jin Berlin, or Zhou Yuning really starved to death. When the two were eating happily, Zhou Yuning's cell phone rang suddenly, and he didn't know who it was, and he couldn't pick the time to call. It happened that he called at this time, which disturbed his good mood. Zhou Yuning pressed the answer button, and there came Jiang Lin's hurried voice, Quercetin Dihydrate Manufacturer ,D BHB Factory, as if something had happened at home, but he didn't hear it clearly on the phone. In short, let Zhou Yuning go home quickly. Jin Berlin looked at Zhou Yuning's mood a little fluctuation, but also asked curiously, Zhou Yuning and Jin Berlin repeated the content of the conversation, Jin Berlin decided not to delay, as soon as possible to go back, do not know what Jiang Lin provoked to clean up their own. Jin Berlin drove Zhou Yuning back to the city. He didn't say much all the way. He drove all the way to Jiang's house. Jiang's house was standing at the door waiting for a long time. When he saw two people getting off, Jiang Lin looked confused. He called Zhou Yuning clearly. How could there be one more Jin Berlin now? It was complicated enough. I didn't expect that there would be one more person now. What's going on? What happened to Grandpa? "Zhou Yuning is most concerned about Grandpa, is Grandpa's condition getting worse?"? Zhou Yu would rather not want Grandpa to do anything again, ah, patted Jiang Lin on the shoulder with his hand, looking at the expression on Jiang Lin's face, Zhou Yuning in the heart of the dark feeling is not good ah. "There's nothing wrong with Grandpa, it's just you." Jiang Lin said, turned his head to look at Zhou Yuning's eyes, but had something to say but could not say, it really surprised him, he has been unable to believe this fact until now. What's wrong with me? I don't have any problems? Don't look at me with that strange look, will you? Zhou Yuning doesn't understand what's wrong with him? How a night of kung fu Jiang Lin's attitude to oneself unexpectedly 180 degrees big turn, is there any very unfavorable rumors to oneself? Zhou Yuning tilted his head and stared at Jiang Lin with doubtful eyes. You go into the room to watch TV and you will know! "Jiang Lin just said angrily. Then he went into the room. Zhou Yuning and Jin Bolin looked at each other. I don't know what made Jiang Lin so angry. Zhou Yuning couldn't figure it out at all. He could only go in and see what happened.". Jiang Lin invited the two men into Jiang's house, and Jiang Lin played the recorded video again. On the screen is the scene of Zhou Yuning attending the dance party. On the screen, Sun Hai is talking endlessly. His expression is obviously very happy. Zhou Yuning is also very happy, and then accepted it with pleasure. However, this video has become the focus of news, which Zhou Yuning never thought of. Zhou Yuning now finally knows why Jiang Lin is angry, and then secretly glanced at Jin Berlin, that expression does not seem to be very good-looking, ah, these are normal, ah, Zhou Yuning can understand, but the most incomprehensible is that Sun Hai actually openly published this video, but also to find the media. Zhou Yuning knew that he was in the wrong, and did not dare to say anything more, but silently lowered his head, without saying a word, secretly observing Jiang Lin's expression, a serious look on her face made her even more unable to guess Jiang Lin's heart. Look what you've done. I told you to stay away from him. Now, see, now the whole world knows! Jiang Lin a pair of helpless appearance, now unexpectedly make the appearance of the city storm,S Adenosyl Methionine, although know Zhou Yuning will not like Sun Hai, but now let Sun Hai preemptive, the heart always feels super uncomfortable.

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