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Topic: Introduction: the years of brothel musicians

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Introduction: the years of brothel musicians


“……” I covered my face for a long time, but he didn't speak. When I took the book off my face, I found that he was looking at me in confusion and asked in a low voice, "You send me.." A Thousand Characters? I learned from his mouth that this book is called "Thousand Characters", which is a literacy enlightenment book for young children. It turned out that the clerk in the study was mocking me for being illiterate and asking me to recognize me before I boasted that I was a high official. This book is useless to me. It's really appropriate for you to take a look at it when you have nothing to do. I know he didn't mean to laugh at me, but I was still a little sad when he said that. This sadness laid a solid foundation for my six years of hard study. When I came to my senses again, he had come to the table and saw the bowl of noodles. The spring chill did not recede, but when I held it in my hand, it was still a bowl of steaming soup noodles. At this time, it was blown by the cold wind outside the window, and it also cooled a lot. The batter was as pale as my face. I mumbled to him, "I said this is the longevity noodles I just made, do you believe it?" I'm afraid he thinks I'm trying to trick him with the leftovers of others. Longevity noodles? How do you know it's my birthday today? I don't really like birthdays. He pursed his lips and looked down at the bowl. "But thank you." He didn't take a position on what I had just asked, but picked up a handful of chopsticks. I seem to want to eat. I opened my eyes wide with joy and said to him, "You and I, don't have to say thank you. I don't often talk about it with Xiao Chunyan. I always say how much I see outside.". I learned it from the procuress. She told me that you took half a day off to go to the back hill. Worshiping his parents did not seem to be a good thing to say on his birthday, so I stopped at the right time. Just in time to see him swallow the noodles in his mouth with difficulty. Then he dropped his chopsticks. It's salty. He picked up the teacup, took a sip of tea and commented. I know I put a little too much salt, but later I removed a lot of it. Longevity noodles are connected into one, and I can't bite them off to help him try his mouth first. I didn't expect it would be so hard for him to swallow. In the future, don't bother to prepare gifts for me. I don't like birthdays. He took the book I held tightly in the palm of my hand, seemed to sigh, and said to me,Glucono Delta Lactone, "Where did you get the money to buy books?"? Something to do with your injury? Holding the arm of the other hand in one hand, I was trying to make it clear to him when the door of the piano room was suddenly knocked open. Two or three goons retreated to both sides to make way for a road, and the procuress came out from the middle. Jing Xian stood up and stood in front of me. His voice was cold. "What do you mean?" "This has nothing to do with you. The little girl has signed a contract of sale with Jieyu Lou. She is already a girl from Jieyu Lou. I gave her a gift when she ran away yesterday. Now that she's back today, she has to continue to be trained." The procuress waved at random. "Take her away." Jing Xian clenched me with his backhand, avoiding the goon's stick. I saw him staring back at me and asking in a deep voice, "Is what she said true?"? You signed a deed of sale? I looked at him and for the first time I saw panic in his eyes. He was alarmed for me. I was also very alarmed, screwed my eyebrows and nodded, then shook my head hurriedly, explaining, "That's not what she told me." She said she would give me twenty taels of silver and let me be her dancer for two days, just to drink with the guests. Besides, she didn't give me twenty taels. She only gave me one tael of silver. Jing Xian frowned, Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer ,Thyroid Powder Factory, "just twenty taels, would you like to accompany the guests to drink?"? You "If I had known they were making me drink instead of themselves, I wouldn't have wanted to." I pinched the corner of his coat. "But as long as I drink a few glasses of wine with them, I can get money to buy books for you. Of course I will." "Don't talk nonsense. Why don't you take it away?" After listening to what I said, the procuress gave a cold sniff and urged. Jing Xian protected me behind him and said in a deep voice, "No.". She can't read, is cheated by you, according to the law of the Liang Dynasty, if you insist on fulfilling the contract, can not get half a benefit. What's more, you only gave her one or two pieces of silver. If I make a big deal about it and go to court, aren't you afraid of being gossiped about? "The procuress was stunned and then smiled again. The smile was very sharp." Yo, Jing Xian, you have always been cold and arrogant. Jieyu Lou has spread the story of you two, and I have the right to talk about it as a joke. I didn't think you really had no taste and took a fancy to a little beggar. Her line of sight swept to me, the tip of the eyebrow and the corner of the eye were sneering, "Do you have to protect her?" "I am not defending her.". She was cheated by you in order to prepare a birthday gift for me. She was really wronged. Jing Xian denied the procuress's statement, and then ridiculed me with her. "Her appearance and talent are also worthy of your personal deception, but your recent requirements are getting lower and lower.". According to this trend, isn't it all right for the girl in Jieyulou to be a woman? Though I could understand that he meant to say so to save me, the truth of the matter caused me so much discomfort that I was afraid I could not completely ignore what he said. However, the way he dealt with the procuress for me was so sweet that my heart was bubbling, and I didn't care that he said I was ugly. Compared with him, I am really ugly, which I am willing to recognize. I always hid behind him, I do not know how long they argued, and finally Jing Xian turned around, looked down at me, and whispered to me, "It's all right." You don't have to spend your money on me. You didn't understand what I said to you that day. In the future, don't do this for me on your own initiative. I don't like birthdays. I can't tell whether what he said is true or not. After all, I can't believe that he really doesn't like birthdays. He doesn't know how much I envy those of them who have birthdays to live. It's late. Go back quickly. When he said this to me, he picked up the bowl of noodles and the book and handed them to me. The noodles were cold and knotted together, and I held the bowl in my arms at a loss and insisted that he accept the book. At least it's my heart. I buried my head and mumbled, "My heart to you." He stared at me deeply. The silence between us is like ice breaking to the bone, cooling my heart. For a long time, he finally sighed, frowned and asked me,Berberine Hydrochloride Factory, "Hua Guan, you are innocent, why bother to get involved in my muddy water?" 。

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