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Topic: Qing Meng Tian Xia

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Qing Meng Tian Xia


Nu Wa raised her hand to help Zulong with a blue light. She turned to Houtu and said, "Brother Yu is doing the way of affection. It is the right way to understand all kinds of attitudes in the world. Hongjun also entered the world in order to learn from Brother Yu. I think we should leave it alone and let Zulong go and have a look. It's better to ask his descendants to restrain themselves. If something happens, it will be bad for us." After all, all the spirits in the four seas are subordinates of Qingmeng. Xi He, Chang'e and Houtu listened to what Nu Wa said, thought about it, and felt that it was reasonable. Zulong, you go to the East China Sea to have a look. Your descendants have offended a human monk of Jinxian Xiuwei. I'm afraid it's not good for your descendants. Before Nu Wa had finished speaking, Zulong felt his head swell and interrupted, "Wait a minute, Martial Uncle Nu Wa, is the cultivation of Jinxian still bad for my descendants?"? Is it possible? "Oh, if you go and have a look, you will know that although the Dragon King of the Four Seas is now all quasi-holy in the late realm, they can't bear the oppression of the boundary of Kyushu, and those fish and shrimp spirits are even worse. If they are not handled properly, I'm afraid the Four Seas will be destroyed.". PaoShu8” What Nu Wa said made Zulong feel cold behind his back and sweat all over his body. He stammered hurriedly, "Martial Uncle, what should Zulong do?" "Oh, it's simple. After you go, everything will follow what the monk of the human race said. He can do whatever he wants. Don't go against it." "Martial Uncle, if he wants to kill my descendants, shall I let him kill them?" Zulong listened to a stagnant breath,stackable plastic pallets, do not know why this human monk is so important, surprised to ask in a hurry. Don't worry so much, listen to what I said must be right, cause and effect from where, must come from where to destroy, kill a few people is much better than killing billions of four seas spirits, this killing and robbery has triggered the boundary of Kyushu, stop is not stopped, only dredge,plastic wheelie bins, as long as the killing and robbery can be reduced to a minimum, is the good fortune of the four seas! As soon as Zulong wiped the cold sweat on his forehead, he bowed down to Nu Wa four people, got up in a hurry and went straight down for thirty-three days. ^ ^ first issue ^ bubble ^ book ^ bar ^ ^ ^ In the void, Boling's eyes were closed and his face was expressionless, but his usually white face was now as red as blood. Nine rounds of glittering and translucent boundaries surrounded his body, slowly and gradually expanding. Within the boundaries, the undercurrent of Reiki surged, and the tight pressure spread layer by layer. The one-horned dragon king had long been oppressed by the sudden burst of pressure in the clouds, and was forced by the boundary of Kyushu to reveal his true body. He was a one-horned red dragon of thousands of miles. Accompanied by the staggered collision of nine unprecedented boundaries, pieces of dragon scales were stirred down by the surging strength, and then strangled into powder by the omnipresent aura against the wind and scattered into the void. A thousands of miles long trench appeared, four white and bright drops of water rose into the sky, and the dragon kings of the four seas flew out of the sea together. One by one, they were about to look up to the sky when they suddenly felt that the primordial spirit was frightened, and the surrounding space was like a seal. With the water drops scattered in all directions, plastic pallet manufacturer ,spill plastic pallet, the towering waves stagnated in an instant, and hundreds of millions of aquatic spirits followed closely behind were also imprisoned on the surface of the water. Did you kill your sister-in-law? Boling, who closed his eyes tightly, gave another low, lifeless shout, and a sound wave hit out, and the Reiki within the boundary covering heaven and earth moved with it, forming a powerful Reiki light blade to split the one-horned dragon king crawling on the cloud head. After a loud noise, the dragon's scales were flying, the blood fog rose, and the body of the real dragon, which was thousands of miles long, was cut out of the dense blood ditch by the light blade, and the white and tender flesh and blood were rolled up and exposed. "" As soon as the voice, the one-horned dragon king roars painfully: "Four elder brothers save me!" " Ao Guang, Ao Ming, Ao Ji, and Ao Shun, the Dragon Kings of the Four Seas, listened to the cries that tore the sky and cracked the earth. Their minds turned and a cloud of blood fog spurted out with a sound of "wow". After the sound of "Zila", the Reiki boundary that troubled the four people was eroded out of a huge exit by the blood fog. The four people shot into the void and shouted: "Brother Ao Ling, I'm waiting to help you!" The voice did not fall, each shook his body, four thousands of miles of eight-clawed dragon appeared in the void, glittering, evil spirit into the sky, a proud pressure of the Lord of the four seas highlighted nine days, a circle of golden light wheel along the body of thousands of miles back and forth, constantly breaking up the constant impact of the boundary Reiki countercurrent. In a moment, the four golden dragons were linked end to end, and the array of the four seas and the sky was formed. An oval array of golden light protected the proud spirit who was still struggling and rolling. Dare to ask the elder who, why to trigger the spirit of heaven and earth to gather in Kyushu, cholera I East China Sea? The golden light explodes the four seas to cover the sky to extinguish the big array with a thick and low angry shout, a golden light pillar, splits the layer upon layer of nine States boundary to close the eyes to stand proudly Boling. Did you kill your sister-in-law? Or a voice without the slightest vitality came out, bringing up a round of Reiki light blade, rotating to send out the devouring whirlpool of extinction, melting the golden light column into a light Reiki that dissipated in the boundary of Kyushu. He, he, he is Jinxian Xiuwei. In the great array of silence, a voice of fear and horror suddenly sounded. The Dragon King of the Four Seas was stunned. He looked at Yin Yin Haoguang's closed-eyed Boling in disbelief and stared at Longan in surprise. Jinxian Xiuwei was able to communicate with the three realms and trigger the original spirit of heaven and earth? "Big brother, it's the small tripod above his head that makes trouble. It looks like the Jiuzhou tripod of the legendary Yan Emperor." Ao Ji, the Dragon King of the North Sea, was the first to wake up and remind Ao Guang to pay attention to the simple and unsophisticated tripod rotating on the top of Boling's head. Treasure of nature! It is comparable to the sea God needle iron It can be used as the treasure of Zhenhai to suppress the fortune of the four seas. Ao Guang, Ao Shun, and Ao Ming spoke at the same time, and Ao Ji suddenly understood what a great opportunity it was for a golden immortal to hold the treasure of creation in his hand, and for these dragon kings of the four seas. As soon as the four dragons connected end to end were twisted, a round of rays flashed by, and a misty white mist of sunflower water was released. The Dragon King of the Four Seas was about to rush to Boling in the middle of the boundary of Kyushu with the strength of sunflower water that melted all things. No! A peaceful, kind, solemn and dignified mind suddenly appeared in the mind of the Dragon King of the Four Seas. [The fourth chapter of the main text,drum spill containment, the thirty-ninth section, Zulong was angry and unwilling to make a move, and the boundary of Kyushu slaughtered the East China Sea].

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